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What phone company is better virgin mobile or metro pcs?


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Motorola HTC Samsung and Son. are just some of them.


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virgin mobileandroid vs. metro pcs android

yes but it will be hard, because Metro pcs does not use sim cards but virgin mobile. You would have to go to craigslist and ask them to do it.

T-mobile,Sprint,Metro Pcs , Verizon, AT&T , Boost Mobile , & Virgin Mobile

T-Mobile is definately better. It covers many areas that Metro does not.

Yez sir u sure can all u need to do is flash the phone u wanna use for virgin mobile.

of course not its the 3rd best company out of all the company in the worlds like boost mobile or metro pcs or verizion or at&t

No it will not but you can try Metro PCS for carriers like Verizon, Att, and sprint.

There are many companies that have prepaid phones. You can go with walmart, t mobile, at&t, boost mobile, virgin mobile, or metro pcs is also prepaid.

it was known as General mobile, company that started in texas

Well you go to a flashing dealer and they can flash your htc evo3d to metro pcs,boost,virgin mobile or verizon wireless..

well that is totally up to you.its the company that you feel happy with and can afford. prepaid companys= metro pcs boost mobile net10 virgin mobile t-moble prepaid at&t go-phone and i think one or two more...... contract companys= verizon wireless at&t t-mobile and sprint

My opinion here, but T-Mobile, because they have somewhat better prices and customer service. depending on where you live Metro pcs is the best deal

well metro is way way better than boost, boost is slow and cost too much

The phone company T-Mobile USA made an agreement to merge with Metro PCS on October 2012. This was done to help the competing provider gain some footing with the other national carriers.

Straight Talk they are nationwide and on Verizon's network. Their service is sold in Wal-Mart.

metro PCSNote:It is also a very good company, with coverage over 90 percent of the USA. Supports, Smart Phones, Android and Blackberry as well.It depends on service providers in your area.The "lesser-knowns" or smaller networks, like US Cellular or T-Mobile tend to be cheaper per month for contract services, while Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile offer relatively cheap unlimited plans.

Yes, however from my understanding only the following carriers offer prepaid plans that will work with a blackberry; Metro PCS, Cricket, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Verizon had talks about rolling out a pre-paid plan for Blackberry.

Verizon wireless is good, although AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket, US Cellular, Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile and others are also really good and also reliable.

There are quite a few cell phone companies that offer no contract. Metro PCS, Virgin Mobile, and T Mobile, but T Mobile seems to be the most common:

All major carriers, (Sprint, Verizon, T-mobile, and AT&T), have different deals and accessories provided online through their main web pages as do minor carriers, (Virgin mobile, Metro PCS.)

It really depends on what company or price you're looking for. What i can tell you is that metro PCS have cheap phones that work extremely great for their price

I think they should let you keep your number. And that you could switch with any company keeping the same number. If you have metro and wanna switch to any other company you could my friend did with no problem. So try it. And if they dint let you try doing by phone you'll do it with no problem.

Yes, there are cell phone companies that do not require you to have a contract. With increasing numbers of providers available, many are now offering contract-free, pay-as-you-go services. Some such providers include Virgin Mobile, Metro PCS, and Boost Mobile.

the metro goldwyn mayer company

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