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The most abundant form of water on Earth is liquid.

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Q: What physical form of water is most present on earth?
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Why is the water on the earth sometimes found as a solid or a liquid?

It is also found as a gas. This is because Earth orbits its star at a distance where the heat form the star is enough for water to be present in the liquid form. Extremes on the planet then allow for water to be solid and vapor in places.

What is physical presentation?

to present your self in a form of manner.

What does water form on Mars?

Water is present on Mars in the form of ice.

Water to form a gas physical or chemical property?

water forming water vapor is physical change

What forms of water on Saturn?

The form of water on saturn is the form of water we have here on earth.

Is reacting with water to form a base a chemical or physical property?


Is a reacting with a base to form water a physical or chemical property?


Where do you find fluoride on Earth?

Primarily in minerals such as calcium fluoride. It is also present in the ocean in dissolved form and is often added to drinking water and toothpaste.

Where is oxygen element found on earth?

It is found in its diatomic elemental form in our atmosphere which contains 21% oxygen. Oxygen is also a component of water (H2O) which are also present in large quantities on Earth.

Most of the Earth's water is in the form of what?

Salt water.

What gas was not present in the atmosphere when earth first form?

carbon dioxide

Reacts with water to form gas is a physical propertyor a physical property?