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work, kinetic energy, potential energy, conservation of engergy

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Q: What physics concepts are in a mousetrap car?
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Where is the chassis in a mousetrap car?

in the center of the mousetrap car.

Why was the mousetrap car invented?

A mousetrap car is a vehicle that uses a mousetrap for its motor power. It was invented to help students develop spatial and problem-solving skills.

Where does the mousetrap go on a mousetrap powered car?

you want to place your mousetrap as far away from the back wheels as possible

Why are smaller wheels better for a mousetrap car?

the smaller the wheel the lesser the weight, the mousetrap car would go faster,

What is the farthest distance a mousetrap car has gone?

the farthest a mousetrap car has ever gone is 100000 meaters

What stops a mousetrap car?

a cat trap car

What is bad for a mousetrap car?


What is the purpose of wheels on a mousetrap car?

because the wheel make the mousetrap go forward but without the wheels the mousetrap stays in one place

Who invented the first mousetrap car?

The answer to the question "Who built the first mousetrap car" is James Henry Atkinson. He was a British inventor. It was created in 1847.

Is it true that if you are good at math you can do physics?

It really depends. If you are good at understanding the concepts of math and you think you can grasp the concepts of physics (which is not bad at all), then you will do fine in physics. Physics is like 50% math 50% concepts. This is my second year of physics (I am doing Physics with Calculus now) and it really isn't as bad as most people think.

When you use the physics concepts in new technologyis it called?

theoretical physics

Does friction help a the performance of a mousetrap car?