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You cant take a pill to get pregnant !

Getting pregnant involves having un-protected sex !


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If you are trying to get pregnant then you should not take the pill at all.

can I take one morning after pill only and not be pregnant

If by reminder pill you mean the active pill then yes you can become pregnant.

You need to specify what pill you are talking about.

Yes, never miss your pill..........

i think that if you get pregnant on the pill that you must not of taked them when you are soposed to or the pill didnt work if you think you are pregnant while you are on the pill you may of missed a time where you might of forgoten to take it or if not the pill may not haved work just go and get a pregnancy test to make sure.

yes but it is quite rare. The sooner after sex you take the pill the better.

If you forget to take you pill there is a chance that you could be pregnant.

You have the probability of not getting pregnant. Take the pill within 72 hours. Sooner you take it the better.

You can only take a pill if your doc say you can but, I think nobody who is pregnant should pills because whatever you eat the baby eats, so the baby is going to be eating the pill. Also some women who are pregnant if they take a pill they will want to take more and more then the baby my die from all the pills you take and the pills may do something to you in a bad way. Also you may die from taking all the pill.

The longer you take the pill the higher the risk of damage to the baby.

Nothing. It's the pill after that, Misoprostol, that will cause cramps. But the doctor will not prescribe it to you if you are not pregnant.

Yes, you can get pregnant if you don't take the birth control pill and have sex. If you want to avoid pregnancy, find a method of contraception.

Yes, you definetely can. as a matter of fact, there is about a one percent chance you will get pregnant while on the pill, or if you do not take it properly.

Well each day that you do not take your pill, your chances of becoming pregnant increases greatly. You can get pregnant almost immediately.

If you take the I Pill within 48 hours you can be absolutely safe and sure you will not get pregnant.

You will not increase your chances of conceiving if you take the morning after pill one hour late.

The abortion pill works up to the 9th week. No other pill works. If you mean the birth control pill or morning after pill, it will not work as soon as you are pregnant.

You can take paracetamol while pregnant. But not as freely as when you are not pregnant, specially during first trimester.

You can't get pregnant by taking pills, no matter what you do to your tubes.

Type your answer here... how long does it take you 2 get pregant when you come of the pill

You can, but save your money one missed pill won't make you pregnant. Just take both of them together when you take your next pill.

If you're not taking the pill and still having sex...yes.

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