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What pinball was used in Tommy the rock opera?

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Captain Fantastic The Who later had an album Captain Fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy.

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What is a rock opera?

An example of a rock opera would be Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. The instruments and style of the music is rock, but the music is exaggerated the same way that opera is. The term can be used loosely to describe over exaggerated rock music.

What types of musical styles did the movie 'The Phantom of the Opera' use?

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera-used a variety of styles from classic opera when Christine sings Think of Me, to 1980s' rock style in the song the Phantom of the Opera, the Music of the Night is a ballad.

Sydney Opera House what it used for?

It's used for opera shows....

What different languages have been used for opera?

opera traditionally used the language of

What are some sentences using the word 'opera'?

My mom used to sing opera when she was younger

What are Opera glasses used for?

Opera glasses are small binoculars used for viewing at a middle distance.

Where can I buy used pinball machines in California?

You can buy used pinball machines at Vintage Arcade Superstore at 4334 San Fernando Road, Glendale, CA. Their phone number is 1(877)-ARCADE-5.

How did Erik used ventriloquism to become the opera ghost in the phantom of the opera?

I do not believe Erik used ventriloquism in Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera. It was used, however in Herscfeld Broadway Production in 1990 played by David Staller as the Phantom, in the Phantom of the Opera.

What are Chinese Opera masks used for?

Chinese Opera Masks are used to portray the plot or ti add humor to the scene. They can also be used for identifying a character in his or her role in the opera. One more use that i found was Chinese Opera masks being used to express particular sentiments.

What matierials were used to make the Sydney Opera House?

The tools used to build theSydney Opera House were, Basic construction tools. Sydney Opera house is a reinforced concrete construction.

What is Opera House used for?

Opera. Ballet. Concerts - of all kinds. Plays etc

What did the royal opera house used to be called?

It was called the Opera Populaire in the 1880's.

What is the database used by hotels?


What is the password for Planetary Pinball in the Funbrain Arcade?

Well, the password i used is POUCH8.Hope this helps!;)

What does opera mini do?

I used to have a nokia phone with opera mini and it was an Internet browser. hope that helped :)

What is the amusing opera?

It depends on the country or libretto (play or story used). It can be 'opera buffo' (Italian),m 'Opera Comique' (French) or 'Comic Opera' (English). also sometimes called 'Light Opera' in English speaking countries.

When were 'Tommy' guns first used?

The Thompson submachinegun went into production in 1921.

What instruments did The Who use in ''Pinball Wizard''?

The Who used a computer to make all of the instruments sounds #FAKE

What is sydney opera hous used for?


Are any instruments used in opera?


What did Tommy Atkins do?

Tommy Atkins wasn't a real person. It was a name used to refer to any British soldier - often shortened to just Tommy.

Was music written by Bach used in phantom of the opera?

No Bach was not used in 2004 Phantom of the Opera, it was all written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. 1943 Phantom of the Opera with Claude Rains used Bach when he is playing the organ, Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Whats the difference and simmilarities between a world war 1 nurse and a world war 1 Tommy?

well a nurse was a nurse and a Tommy was a Tommy A Tommy was a British soldier. The origins of the nickname Tommy are a lost in the mists of time. Tommy Atkins was a term used for British soldiers as early as 1745 although in 1815 the name Tommy Atkins was used in a war office publication to show how a soldier's pay book should be filled out. Nurse was not a nickname, unlike Tommy.

What is the Sydney Opera House used for?

it is used for functions and it is mainly used for tourist attractions!!

What is the most used gun used by nazi fighters?

a Tommy gun