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Q: What plain is Rome on?
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Related questions

What is the name of the plain that rome is located?

the plain on which rome is located is palatine, a hill in centeral italy

What is the name of the plain in which Rome is located?

The Latium Plain

What is the Latium Plain?

the latium plain is the richest plain in the ancient itlay. it located in the rome.

What is the name of the plain on which Rome is located?

Rocky mountain

Where is the Tuscan Plain in an Ancient Rome map?

on a map

What is the geography of Rome and the surrounding area of the peninsula?

it is a flat plain.

What plain is ancient rome located on?

Rome was/is not actually on a plain. It was/is in a hilly area on the river Tiber 15 miles from the sea. The early city was called the city of the seven hills. There are hills beyond these and modern Rome lies on several more hills. The area becomes flat towards the sea.

Where is the latium plain in Italy?

central western Italy in which the city of Rome was founded.

What river runs through the latium plain?

Tiber River in Rome, Italy.

What was the importance of the latium plain in ancient rome?

Rome was in Latium a(land of the Latins) and the Romans were Latins. Rome made an alliance with the other Latin city-states and then incorporated them after a rebellion of these Latin towns.

What plain is Rome located on?

all i know is its southern eroupe i think its like its on the Italian peninsula

Is the Tuscan plain from ancient Rome the same as current day Tuscany?

The Tuscan pain was not from ancient Rome. It was in Etruria (Land of the Etruscans). Yes, it is in the present day region of Tuscany, which includes the hilly areas as well as the plain (in fact, it is mostly hilly). Tuscany is named after the Latin for Etruscan: Tuscus.

How is the education in Greece and Rome different?

some were super smart & some were just plain old dumb.

What were some major physical features of ancient Rome?

The city of Rome was (and still is) between the Apennines (a chain of mountains which runs through the Italian peninsula) and the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It was 14 miles from the sea (now it is 16 miles form the sea). It lied by the only ford on river Tiber. Originally it consisted of the Seven Hills of Rome. Later it spread beyond these hills. Past these hills there is a plain of average agricultural fertility. The Alps and the plain of the river Po in the North, the Adriatic Sea in the east, the Ionian Sea and the plain of Apulia in the south, the Tyrrhenian Sea in the west , the Tuscan hills in the centre, and the mentioned Apennines were all (and still are) in Italy.

What is the difference between a coastal plain and a interior plain?

The difference between a costal and interior plain is a costal plain is a plain at the coast of a ocean while a interior plain is a plain that is inside a coast of a ocean

Are there similarities between the decline of roman republic and the current situation in the US?

If you look, you can "read" similarities between the U. S. and ancient Rome, or any other country and ancient Rome. But this, in my opinion is plain silly. We are two different countries, existing in two different times, with two different cultural outlooks.

What is the largest plain in Africa?

The largest plain is the Nile river but that is a "flood plain". The largest "plain" (just a normal plain) is Upper Karoo.

What region of farmland stretches across the northerrn part of Europe?

European Plain

Which of these cities is furthest north. Is it rome or Madrid or New York or Beijing?


What is Saint Paul's country of origin?

St. Paul was from the city of Tarsus which was the chief city of the Cilician plain, it was the capital of the Roman province of Cilicia, which was a Roman province. St. Paul died in Rome itself.

Which region has excellent harbors and broad lowlands?

The answer is coastal plain.

What is the name of any geographical plain?

Northeastern Plain ( Manchurian Plain )

What is the north china plain?

The North China Plain is a plain in China.

What is the largest plain in Europe called?

The largest plain in Europe is known as either the European Plain or the Great European Plain.

Where is Tuscan Plain Latium Plain and Campanian Plain?

Tuscan Plain ~ north central Italy. Latium Plain ~ middle of the west coast of Italy. Campanian Plain ~ southwest coast of Italy.