What planet has a mon half its size?

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What planet is half size of earth?

The planet in our solar system nearest to half the size is Mars, being 0.531 the size of Earth.

What planet has a moon half the its size?

Pluto has a moon nearly half its size

How large is Mars planet?

half of earths size

What planet is half the size of earth?

Mars is about half the radius of Earth (0.531 Earths)

Which planet in your solar system is about half the size of Earth?


What is the planet in the solar system that is half the size of earth?


Why is Saturn a outer planet?

Because it is after Jupiter and half the size of it.

Is mars a large and gaseous planet?

No, Mars is only about half the size of Earth and it is a solid, rocky planet.

Which planet has a moon more than half its size?

Pluto...... I think

What planet has a moon more than half it's size?


Which planet has a moon more than half of it's size?


Pluto is a double planet with which planet?

First of all, Pluto is not a planet. It was considered a double planet because its largest moon Charon is half its size.

Describe Pluto's size as compared to the other planets.?

Pluto is about half the size of Mercury, which is the smallest "true" planet.

Is mars a big planet or a small planet?

Mars is a small planet in our solar system. It is one of the 4 terrestrial planets and is half the size of earth

What planet has the same size as the planet?

The size of each planet is precisely equivalent to the size of the planet which it is.

If i wanted find out how big a planet is what word would i use?

In terms of the actual size of the planet, you would want to no its diameter. In some cases the size is given as the radius, which is simply half the diameter.

Which is the planet is called double planet?

Within our own solar system, some view Pluto as being a double planet with it's moon Charon (which is half it's size).

Which planet is the typical size planet?

There isn't a typical size planet

Which moon is half the size of its parent planet?

The dwarf planet Pluto has three known moons. The largest is called Charon, which is around 1200km in diameter, half that of Pluto which has a diameter of around 2320 km.

Half of a planet is called?

Half a planet is referred to as a hemisphere.

Which is nearly half the size of the planet earth?

Mars - with an equatorial radius of 3,396 km about 0.533 that of Earth

What is one half of a planet called?

Why would there be only half a planet?

Does the mass of a planet equal the size?

No, the mass of a planet does not equal the size of that particular planet.

Is charon half the size of Pluto?

In approximation, Yes. It is just under half the size by a minute portion.Pluto Size: 9th largest planet - 2,306 kilometers - 0.181 EarthsCharon Size: 22nd largest body in the solar system - 1,205 kilometers - 0.094

What planet is the same size of the planet earth?

No planet is exactly the size of Earth. Venus is close to Earth's size but slightly smaller.