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10 [degrees] at Jupiter, 1 [degrees] at Saturn, 60 [degrees] at Uranus and 47 [degrees] at Neptune.

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Which planet has the weakest magnetic field?

Mercury has the weakest magnetic field.

Which planet has a very strong magnetic field?

Jupiter has the strongest magnetic field.

Is the planet Mars non magnetic?

Mars has a magnetic field.

Does the magnetic field rotate your planet?


Which planet has the strongest magnetic field?

Jupiter with a magnetic field 14% greater than Earth

What planet has a permanent magnetic field?

Most importantly to us, the earth has a permanent magnetic field.

What is the magnetic force of this planet called?

The magnetic force on Earth is called Earth's magnetic field or also the geomagnetic field.

What planet has the weakest magnetic field?


What planet has the strongest magnetic field?


What has its own magnetic field?

Planet Earth

How are Auroras formed?

They are formed by the Earth's Magnetic Field, the Magnetic Field is generated inside the core of the planet.

Imagine a planet with no magnetic field Such a planet probably does not have a?

liquid core

Does every planet have a magnetic field?

No. Scientists believe Venus does not have a magnetic field. If it does, it is too weak for us to detect.

What creates the Earths magnetic field?

Scientists believe that it is the movements in the liquid outer core that create the magnetic field. Earth's magnetic field affects the whole planet.

What planet has no rings or magnetic field?

Venus has neither.

What planet has the largest magnetic field?

Jupiter has the largest magnetic field. I heard somewhere that the field is bigger than the sun's magnetic field. Not sure about that but i definetely know that Jupiter is biggest in planets

Why earth possess magnetic field?

The magnetic field of the planet Earth is created by an electric current that exists in the outer core.

Why does the earth has a magnetic field?

Large deposits of iron ore within the planet generate the planet's magnetic field.for protection

What does a strong magnetic field of a planet mean?

It means that the planet generates a large magnetic field in its interior. Astronomers explain this using the "dynamo model". This predicts a magnetic field when there is a rotating electrically conducting liquid inside the planet. However, there are several ways this can happen and the theory is complicated. It is pertinent to us because if a planet has a weak magnetic field, it is more susceptible to cosmic radiation, high doses of which can kill us.

The presence of a magnetic field indicates that a planet may have what?

A magnetic field indicates a ferrous core. This is necessary for life to begin because a magnetic field is needed to deflect solar radiation.

What causes the planets magnetic field?

There is a lot of molten matter flowing inside our planet. This causes its magnetic field. Because matter movie in particular direction constitutes a magnetic field.

Did others planet magnetic field meet the earth magnetic field?

Planets are too far from each other to have any observable interaction of their magnetic fields.

Would it be good to visit a planet with a magnetic field?

We are already on a planet with a magnetic field and yes magnetic fields are what protect the planet from various dangers. Not to mention nearly every planet we have seen has a magnetic field (save venus). It is believed that the magnetic fields of planets save them from solar winds which would otherwise slowly strip the atmospheres of planets by taking out chunks of atoms every time they hit. Mars has an extremely weak (or none according to many scientists) magnetic field and as such the solar winds bash into it and scoop out ions from the planet. Overall conclusion: Yes, you want to visit a planet with a strong magnetic field, it's basically more protection (in theory at least).

Around which planet in the solar system does the strongest magnetic field exist?

The planet Jupiter

What does a planet need in order to have Auroras?

A planet needs to have a magnetic field in order to have auroras.

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