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What planet hit Earth creating the moon?


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Scientists think this probably happened and that the "planet" was about the size of Mars. However, it was several billions of years ago and the object that hit Earth is not usually given a name.

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because it is amalgamated debris from when a mars sized planet hit earth

There is a theory that suggests a comet hit the earth and possible broke off a chunk creating the moon.

Yes scientist think that years ago ,before dinosouars were on earth,the planet hit the edge of earth and then started going around the earth as it got smaller

In the Giant Impact hypothesis, the planet that crashed into the Proto-Earth to create the modern day Earth and Moon was a Mars-sized planet was called Theia

My teacher told me that long ago Earth hit another planet and a piece of Earth broke off and that piece is now the moon

The moon is believed to actually be a chunk of the planet Earth that was separated by a devastating hit from another large planetary body. It shares a very similar chemical composition to the Earth, which seems to lead to the above conclusion.

they died because the moon which is a giant rock hit the earth and killed all of the dinosaurs on this planet

Mars is the reddish planet, it is 4th from sun, once a piece of the mars hit the earth and formed the moon.

The name of the (proto)planet that hit (proto)Earth in the Giant Impactor hypothesis is Theia.

No. Mars and Earth never collided. Around 4.6 billion years ago another planet is believed to have collided with Earth, resulting in the formation of the moon. This planet, known as Theia, was probably about the same size as Mars.

There is no special name for them. Any planet can hit by them. Earth gets hit by them.

Nibiru is a fictional planet that does not exist. It is not going to hit the Earth.

An asteroid had hit Earth and knocked of a chunk that is now called the moon.

On earth there are many mechanisms that create mountains. These being rivers, volcanoes, and tectonic plates. The moon does not have any mechanisms itself but is hit with other rock and debris creating craters and mountains.

The moon is mainly round, although not perfect. It has numerous craters. The earth in its early stage of formation was hit by another forming planet knocking some debris into orbit to form our moon, therefore the moon is made up of what the earth is made of...minus life.

They at one point were the same planet, after a Rogue Planet roughly the size of mars hit earth when the solar system was still forming Billions of years ago, Earth spat Luna out, it became Tidally locked with us and presently is where it is.

We don't currently know when a comet will hit planet Earth.

It is that a planet or a large asteroid hit Earth, causing lots of rock to go into orbit and eventually clump together to form the Moon.

if a meteor hit earth and a piece of earth (the moon) chipped off. earths gravitational pull could be sufficient to make the moon orbit around the earth.

The Moon is pelted with small space rocks just as the Earth is, with a couple of exceptions. 1. The Moon is a lot smaller than the Earth, so it is hit less often. 2. The Moon is less massive and its gravity is lower, so the space rocks aren't moving as fast when they hit the Moon as they are when they hit the Earth. 2. The Moon has no atmosphere, so there are no meteors on the Moon; however, we do see the explosions as the Moon is hit by the falling space rocks.

They will hit Earth if, in their orbit around the Sun, they happen to cross Earth's orbit.

Never. The Moon is actually getting further away from Earth (very, very slowly).

no, comets do not orbit Earth. If comets did orbit Earth, it would be Earths Moon's, but comets orbit the kuiper belt at the edge of the Solar System. Some times comets hit each other and get knocked out of their orbit and possibly hit a planet.

I think this may be the answer but you may have to double check.The earth is really the only planet that has gravity force apart from the new planet that has just been discovered that has the same DNA factors that earth has! But the Earth gravity force is pulling everything towards the center of the earth (for example when you drop a pen it drops directly to the floor if there was a hole down to the center of the earth (not possible) it would be directly diverted to that.....) back to the subject of the moon the earths gravity force tries to pull the moon towards it into the center like the sun does to our planet but we will never hit the moon!I hope this has helped you,Max =)

cheese The current scientific theory is that the early earth was hit by a another smaller planet called Thea. Thea was destroyed by the impact and left a dust ring around the Earth similar to the rings of Saturn, that over time coalesced into the moon.

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