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The four inner, rocky planets are also known as the terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars), they have a clearly defined terrain (unlike the four outer gas giant planets).

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the inner planets are terrestial and outer planet like Jupiter, Neptune etc are gas planet.

No, it's a gas giant planet!

Venus is a terrestrial planet.

A terrestial planet is a planet in the inner solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are terrestial planets). These planets are mostly made of rocks.Mercury is a terrestial planet, therefore it is made of rock.

Yes. Earth is the largest Terrestial planet.

No, Jupiter is not a terrestial planet. It is a gaseous one.

Terrestial planets in our solar system are: Mercury, Venus Earth and Mars.

Mercury is the only terrestrial planet with no known volcanoes.

(Rocky) planets are mostly made of rock and metal

Only Mercury and some terrestrial exoplanets.

It is the hottest planet, and it is very rocky with many craters. It is terrestial and the closest to the sun and also the smallest planet.

A layer of gas or liquid surrounding a liquid or solid surface of a planet is called an atmosphere.

Pluto is classified as a dwalf pl

The planet Pluto is not classified as a gas giant or a terrestrial planet. In fact it is a dwarf planet now.

Venus is classified as a planet

It isn't. Pluto is not classified as a planet. It's classified as a dwarf. Therefore it is not the farthest planet from the sun. The farthest official planet from the sun is Neptune.

No, it is a dwarf planet.

Pluto is no longer a planet but is classified as a dwarf planet, So Pluto is classified as a dwarf planet. Neither terrestrial or gas planet.

Earth us a terrestrial planet. Jovian planets are gas giants with no solid surface.

Saturn has the lowest density of any planet, terrestial or gas giant.

No. Ceres is classified as a dwarf planet, not a planet.

No. Haumea is not classified as a planet. It is a dwarf planet.