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What planet is so light it could float in water?

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== == Saturn. With an average density of 0.7 grams/cubic centimeter,density less than that of water it could really float on water.

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So light it would actually float on water.

Saturn has denstiy so low that it could float on water.

The low density of Saturn would allow it to float in liquid water.

Saturn would float. It is the least dense planet, with a density that is lower than the density of water.

It is either Saturn or Neptune... though you may want to do more research on the subject ;)

Saturn would actually float in water if you placed it in it. Pluto would also float in water, but is no longer considered a planet.

A planet's weight does not determine whether it can float in water. It's density is what determines that. Your question should be "Which planet's density is so small that it could float in water?"

Saturn because it is the least densest of all the planets.

In theory; Saturn, a gas planet, is light enough to float on a body of water big enough to contain the ringed giant. The rings would not float, but, the main body of Saturn probably would.

Saturn would float if it were put in water.

Saturn is a gas planet, and if it were possible to place it in water it would float. Not sure if the rings would float, but, the planet itself would.

It is not a matter of heaviness or lightness, but density, the average density of Saturn is less than the density of water.

Saturn would float in water if you could find a big enough tub and the water to fill it.

Saturn has a very low density and it would be able to float on water. The density of Saturn is: 0.687 grams per cubic centimeter.

Saturn has the least density. It is .7 on average. The density is less than waters density. So this planet "float" on water its so light.

Yes, Saturn's mean density is only 70% of that of water.

Saturn could float in water, because it has a density of 0.7 that of water. That is, however, a theoretical construct, because you would need an enormous pool of water, with a gravitational field much larger than anything we have, in order to achieve that state.

the volume of the puri get light weighted and it float on water

Saturn has a density less than that of water. And hence if you could find a bucket/pool big enough it would float on water. Please refer to the link below for more information.

Cork is a light weight wood product that will float in water.

It's light enough to float on water

It will float because a feather is very light

No. To get them to float they must be placed on something light.

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