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earth that is called the green house effect

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What effect does carbon dioxide have on earth?

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which means it will trap the sun's heat. The result is global warming.

What two elements in the atmosphere trap heat?

Water vapor and carbon dioxide.

How many more times heat does methane trap than carbon dioxide?

It is 21 times more effective than carbon dioxide in blocking escaping radiant heat.

What air traps heat and causes the greenhouse effect?

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, CFC's, and water vapor trap trap the heat in the Earth's atmosphere.

What would the earth be without carbon dioxide?

Without carbon dioxide and water molecules to trap heat energy, the Earth would be an average temperature of -25 degrees.

The amount of light and warmth a planet from the sun depends on what factors?

The amount of light and warmth a planet receives depends on their distance from the sun and the atmosphere. If the atmosphere has high levels of Carbon Dioxide, the gases will trap more heat.

What term do you use when the atmosphere keeps the planet warm?

The greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane trap infrared heat rising from the surface of the earth. This heat warms the atmosphere and also the earth again.

What factor is used to measure carbon footprint?

Carbon footprints are measured in terms of their ability to trap heat in the atmosphere, as related to carbon dioxide. The unit of measurement is grams equivalent of carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour (gCO2e/kWh). For example nitrogen trifluoried is 17000 times as able to trap heat in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, so a gram of nitrogen trifluoride has a carbon footprint of 17000 gCO2e/kWh.Or you could use a carbon calculator.

How does the greenhouse effect trap heat?

Carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere creates a greenhouse effect by trapping the heat radiated up from the earth.

What are green house gas?

gasses such as carbon dioxide which trap the sun's heat causing a green house effect

Does carbon dioxide trap heat?

Yes, carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the greenhouse gases. It absorbs heat (infrared radiation) rising from the surface of the earth and prevents some of it escaping to space. The build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is contributing to the enhanced (or accelerated) greenhouse effect which is causing global warming.

What does burning fossil fuels leads to?

burning fossil fuels create carbon dioxide which trap the heat from the sun causing our planet to warm up, this is causing the ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise.

Which of the Major gases traps heat?

Heat trapping gases absorb infrared radiation. Three of the major gases that trap heat are carbon dioxide, water vapor and methane.

What is a Name given to gasses that trap heat and cause global warming?

Greenhouse gases. They are- Carbon dioxide, Methane, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen oxide and water vapour.

What effect does water vapour and carbon dioxide have on the atmosphere?

They are both greenhouse gases which trap the sun's heat causing the atmosphere to warm.

What do greenhouse gases trap?

Greenhouse gases trap infrared heat (from the sun) rising from the surface of the earth. More greenhouse gases trap more heat, and this is the situation now. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in particular are trapping more heat and causing a global warming.

What happens when gases like carbon dioxide get trapped in the atmosphere?

Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap heat rising from the earth. This is what is causing global warming and climate change.

Can we live in Venus?

No, we probably can't live on Venus because it is the hottest planet in the Solar System. It is the hottest because Venus has 95% carbon dioxide in a very dense atmosphere, so it can trap the heat the of the Sun. That's why Mercury isn't the hottest planet, but VENUS IS!

Which gas traps heat and helps cause global warming?

All greenhouse gases trap heat. The one most responsible for global warming is Carbon Dioxide.

Why is carbon dioxide linked to global warming?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas. The burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and deforestation (cutting down trees which previously removed carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere) means that carbon dioxide levels are increasing in the atmosphere.Greenhouse gases trap the sun's heat. More greenhouse gas, more heat. This is what is causing global warming.

Can an increase in carbon dioxide might cause global warming because more carbon dioxide would be able to trap more heat?

An increase in carbon dioxide worldwide than yes it would cause global warming based on the greenhouse effect, as more carbon dioxide would build up in our atmosphere trapping more heat, raising the earth's temperature and therefore causing global warming.

Which gases are called greenhouse gases and why?

Carbon dioxide (CO2)Methane (CH4)Water vapour (H2O)They all trap heat in the atmosphere.

What gases trap heat and keep the earth surface warm?

Gases that contributes to global warming are mainly carbon dioxide, methane and other carbon rich gases. The carbon atoms in these compounds are what absorbs the heat from the sunlight and traps it in the earth's atmosphere.

When humans burn fossil fuels which will increase?

Fossil fuels produce large quantities of carbon dioxide when burned. Carbon emissions trap heat in the atmosphere and lead to climate change.

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