What planets is the kuiper belt located between?

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The Kuiper belt is not between any planets. It is far beyond the orbits of Neptune and Pluto.

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Q: What planets is the kuiper belt located between?
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Where is the kuiper belt located at?

The kuiper belt are a collection of rocks beyond the orbit of Pluto. All the dwarf planets (except Ceres) are near the Kuiper Belt.

What is located beyond the Jovian planets?

Just beyond the Jovian planets is the Kuiper Belt.

What do you call the dwarf planets in the kuiper belt?

KBOs, or Kuiper Belt Objects.

What two planets are part of the kuiper belt?

There are no planets in the Kuiper Belt. Anything in the Kuiper belt pretty much is not a planet by definition (KBOs do sometimes cross the orbit of Neptune, though).

What planets does the asteroid belt surround?

It's between Mars and Jupiter. The Kuiper Belt is near Neptune.

Where is the planets Ceres and Eris located at in the solar system?

Ceres is in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.Eris is at the outer edge of the Kuiper Belt, at the edge of the solar system.

Sedna is different from other dwarf planets?

in in between the kuiper belt and oort cloud

What is the Kuiper Belt made of?

The Kuiper belt is made out of comets, minor planets and and chunks of icy rock.

What is the difference between the kuiper belt and the oort cloud?

the oort cloud is the very out side of the solar systum and kuiper belt is the line planets orbit around the sun

The largest planets in the solar system are located?

In the outer solar system, beyond the Asteroid Belt, but inside the orbit of the Kuiper Belt.

Where is kuiper belt located?

the Kuiper Belt is a region beyond the planet Neptune

Is Saturn part of the Kuiper belt?

No. No major planets are part of the Kuiper belt, which is much farther out than Saturn.

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