What plant dies faster with cold water or hot water?


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either of the two will do...... i guess both cold and hot water makes plant die faster.

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Nope. You can just leave it and if it dies it's because it's to cold.

the plant withers and dies after its used the water inside of it.

The plant shrivels, maybe dies.

The plant dies because it won't get any nutrience from the water.

A plant grow UP but turns brown with water, i believe dies with orange juice, but with milk it doesnt grow taller it just stays green... i hate u

yes it makes the plant grow faster but dies fairly quick as well.

The uprooted plant dies because its root have been exposed and no longer able to absorb water and minerals to this plant to sustain life.

it dies because it neads warmth to keep it alive

It mixes with water stored in plant and changes its pH as a result the plant dies.,

It dies. Conversely too much water is also harmful.

It dies. Simple as that. A plant, Like every living thing needs water to survive, therefore a plant would die if you dont water it.

Yes. The colder the water the slower the fish metabolises and moves until its organs shut down and it dies. The warmer the water, the faster the fish goes and its metabolism increases. Warm water contains less oxygen than cold water, so the goldfish, suited to breath comfortably in oxygen rich, cold water, can't breath properly in the low oxygen warm water and dies of oxygen depletion and stress.

If the xylem tissue in a plant dries up and dies, the plant will not be able to survive because the xylem tissue is responsible for transporting water and nutrients to the different parts of the plant. Without the xylem tissue to transport water and nutrients, the plant will wilt and die.

it stops functioning and eventually dies wich makes the plant droop.

Salt will suck the moisture out of the plant roots, and the upper part of the plant cannot get enough water, so it dies.

the salt kill the rootcells then the whole plant dies

Too much water in the soil of a terrestrial plant removes air, hence the roots are not able to respire properly and absorption of water is inhibited and the plant dies ultimately.

the plant will wilt and die - although it depends on the concentration of salt in the water as to how long it will take before the plant dies

Even a light frost will burn the leaves of a pepper plant, and temperatures lower than about 30 degrees Fahrenheit will kill it.

It dies because it cannot breath over so much water.

According to botany the parasite live on live plant. when the plant dies parasite also will dies. but the saprophyte though the plant dies it will live.

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