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none, only bacteria.

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What plants live in abyssal zone?

no plants live in the abyssal zone

What sort of plants are in the abyssal zone?

no plants inhabit the abyssal zone

Abyssal zone plants?

In the abyssal zone there is no light and plants can not grow without light.

Why don't plants grow in the abyssal zone or the hadal zone?

Plants need light to grow, in the abyssal/hadal zone, there is no light.

Are there plants in the Abyssal Zone?

No it is to dark. There is not enough sunlight.

Why aren't there any plants in the abyssal zone?

cause there is no sun and all plants need sun

What zone do abyssal glass squid live in?

The abyssal zone

Do the abyssal zone have primary plants?

no but there is a type of plankton thats a plant but not really

What are human impacts on the abyssal zones?

There are positive and negative effects we have on the abyssal zone. Some negative effects are we have poluted the abyssal zone. We can't get down far enough to clean the abyssal zone. Some positive effects we have on the abyssal zone are reasearching the animals down in the abyssal zone and we can find out if they could live in shallower water of it they have to live in deep water.

What is the abyssal zone?

The abyssal zone is the region of the deep ocean that is just above and on the ocean floor.

What zone does the fangtooth live in?

in the abyssal zone

In which temperature zone is the Abyssal Zone?

The temperature in the abyssal zone changes form 0 degrees c to 4 degrees f.

What zone covers the continental shelf?

abyssal zone

What is another name for the abyssal zone?

the deep zone.

What is the permanently dark zone of the ocean?

The midnight zone and the abyssal zone

What is pelagi zone euphotic zone benthic zone and abyssal zone?

Zones in the ocean.

What zones are Goblin Sharks in?

They are in the deep zone and abyssal zone.

What ocean zone is known as the midnight zone?

The abyssal zone.

How do animals in the abyssal zone survive?

no it is not

How far does the abyssal zone extend?

Apparently The Abyssal Zone extends from the start all the way to alpha's Ballsack! !00% vote me

Are there plant life in the abyssal zone?

No their is not. It would be impossible for plants to because of the low temperature and also the fact that it has no sunlight for photosynthesis.

What are the 4 zones in the ocean?

the intertidal zone, the pelagic zone, the benthic zone and the abyssal zone

Does the leatherback sea turtle live in the abyssal zone?

No, since the Abyssal zone is way too dark and too high pressure for the turtles.

What ocean zone do sea cucumbers live in?

they live in the abyssal zone

Which zone do viper fish live in?

Viperfish live in the abyssal zone