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080 *Cleo the Pretty Pyramid [Worldies] Blue Crazy Daisy, Pink Crazy Daisy, Yellow Snap Apple

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How rare is cleo on moshi monsters?

well he/she is ultra rare like mini ben or oddie

How do be a slave on Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters like to be free - you cannot become a slave on Moshi Monsters!

What is a website like Moshi Monsters?

Club penguin is like moshi monsters.

What sport does Katsuma like on Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters Katsumas like martial arts!

What is the Daily Growl on Moshi Monsters?

The Daily Growl is like a newspaper for Moshi Monsters that shares information about what is happening on Moshi Monsters.

What does Mr Moshi look like on moshi monsters?

Mr. Moshi is a white Furi. He is the creator and owner of Moshi Monsters.

How do you gt an overground flower on moshi monsters?

You can't get an overgrown plant like in real life. You can get moshlings with plants on moshi monsters in your garden.you can get many moshlings with the plants.Many monsters have over 20 moshlings in their zoo.You get the zoo when you're a moshi member.Moshi monsters is the best website I have ever played on the computer.Add me as you friend on moshi monsters I'm rosebud6020

How do you get rid of a plant on moshi monsters?

You just click on it,I like getting rid of money plants.

How do you stab your Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters don't like violence. They like all things pink, fluffy and soft. For this reason you cannot stab Moshi Monsters.

What game is similar to Moshi Monsters?

A game that is a bit like Moshi Monsters is Club Penguin.Neopets is also similar to Moshi Monsters.

What is something like Moshi Monsters?

Online games that are like Moshi Monsters include Club Penguin and Neopets.

How long do moshlings live for on Moshi Monsters?

Moshlings are virtual creatures just like your monsters. They will be around for as long as you have your account on Moshi Monsters or as long as the Moshi Monsters game exists.

How many people like White Fang on moshi monsters?

Lots of Moshi Monsters members like White Fang.

Is Moshi Monsters awesome?

Now, that's a matter of opinion. If you like cute things and playing games you will like Moshi Monsters.

Are there other things like moshi monsters?

some thing like moshi mosters

What do poppets like to do in Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters enjoying shopping, playing games, eating and spending time with you.

How do you fly in the air in Moshi Monsters?

Your monster will automatically move around the air. Moshi Monsters like to be free!

What is better binweeviles or Moshi Monsters?

I think binweeviles is better but some poeple like moshi monsters better

How do you get people on Moshi Monsters?

Ask your friends if they would like to play Moshi Monsters, then help them set up an account.

More mopod codes for Moshi Monsters?

Show more codes for stuff at moshi monsters. Like giftisland23 for an example

What hapens wen you reach level 75 on moshi monsters?

I guess then you'll get famous? Like get famous on Moshi Monsters?

Is your members crazy?

no cause i don't think that many moshi monsters get crazy like other moshi member monsters do

Who likes snap apple?

These are some moshlings on Moshi monsters who like snap apples Mini Ben , Burnie , Gigi , Mc Nulty , Priscilla , Collio , Honey , Jeepers , Cleo , Scanp

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