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They grow peaches!

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all plants live in Austria

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Q: What plants grow in Austria?
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Do potatoes grow on plants?

Potatoes are plants. They do not grow on other plants.

Do penuts grow on plants?

No penuts do not grow on plants,they grow in the ground

What do epiphytic and parastic plants grow on?

Epiphytic plants grow on other plants for support and parasitic plants grow on host plants for support and food both.

Do brinjals grow on plants or trees?

they grow on bushes (plants)

Do peppers grow on plants?

yes peppers grow on plants

Will plants grow in pop?

no, they will not , plants will grow in water or soil

What type of plants will grow?

Most Plants grow/get bigger

Where do seed plants grow six places?

where do plants grow

What are the plants grow in leaves?

Plants that grow in LEAVES are KATAKA-TAKA plants

Why should you grow plants?

well you should grow more plants so we will grow.

Do plants need sodium to grow?

No, plants do not need sodium to grow. They need protein to grow.

What do plants do to grow into new plants?

germination is when a plant is being to grow