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Type 1 - polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

May be safe if marked "microwave safe", although some recommend against food contact when microwaving.

Type 2 - high density polyethylene (HDPE)

May be safe, although some recommend against food contact when microwaving.

Type 3 - PVC, polyvinyl chloride, vinyl

Do not use in microwave. Also, PVC often contains bisphenol A (BPA)

Type 4 - low density polyethylene (LDPE)

(mixed commentary regarding microwave safety)

Type 5 - polypropylene

May be safe, although some recommend against food contact when microwaving. "Type 5" are the most commonly labeled "microwave safe". Despite this, I have observed "Type 5" containers with partially dissolved surfaces, apparently from microwave use.

Type 6 - polystyrene, styrene, polystyrene foam

Not heat stable. Do not use in microwave. Do not microwave food in a styrofoam [1] container! In addition to not being heat stable, polystyrene is a potential human carcinogen and usually contains bisphenol A (BPA).

Type 7 - polycarbonate; "other" (can contain bisphenol A (BPA); most polycarbonate contains bisphenol A)

Do not use in microwave. (Note: Polycarbonate nursing bottles which have been boiled or washed more than 20 times or are badly scratched should be thrown out.)

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Q: What plastics are microwave safe?
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Is plastic safe to use in a microwave?

While there are some plastics that are said to be safe in microwave ovens, they are not advised because of the leaching of the chemicals in the plastics. Glass is a much better alternative.

Can put something in the oven if its already microwave safe?

No, just because it's microwave safe does not mean it's oven safe. The thermal mechanisms involved in microwave radiation and convective heat are completely different. Many plastics are microwave safe, but you should never put plastic in the oven.

Is there such a thing as dishwasher and microwave safe china?

Yes, in fact on of the leading must haves for Americans is miro/washer safe plastics and china.

What cookware is safe to use with a microwave?

Do not! put a metal container or anything with even the slightest bit of metal on it in the microwave! you also don't want to put thin plastics in the microwave because they tend to melt. if you do use any kind of plastic your best bet is to only use the plastic that says"microwave safe" or "oven safe". You don't want to use the wrong kind of container when using the microwave. It could be dangerous. Microwave safe materials include glass, ceramics, paper products, and wax paper.

What is microwave safe?

a microwave is safe for only cooking purposes. otherwise it isn't safe

Is New Bone China Microwave-safe?

Is Bone China Microwave safe

What materials should you never put in the microwave?

The primary item is any type of metal. It causes the microwave to short circuit and spark. Many types of plastics and ceramics cannot be put in there. They may melt, or shatter depending on their content. Always check for "Microwave Safe" before using something in the microwave.

Can you put microwave plates in the oven?

no no Read the back or bottom of the plate. It will tell you if its safe for the oven or microwave. If its plastic then the answer is no, you can't put it in the oven. Some plastics cannot be used in the microwave. The best thing is to read the back of the plate. If it doesn't say, then I wouldn't take the chance.

Can you microwave ziplock containers?

It is technically "safe" but due to the existence of BPA in plastics, it is not suggested (in fact I highly advise against it) that you eat food microwaved in plastic containers.

Is sterilite microwave safe?

All of Sterlite food storage items are microwave safe. They are designed to reheat food in the microwave. Use caution when reheating food high in sugar or fat as they can cause damage to microwave safe containers. See microwave manufacturer's instructions for information regarding the use of microwave safe containers in your microwave."

Is polypropylene plastic 5 safe to microwave?

Yes. There are many different safety concerns with plastics, but it is generally safe to use plastics marked #5 (polypropylene in the microwave). There are two concerns with plastics and heating or microwaving. One is that the plastic itself will become unstable. Polypropylene is considered quite stable under heating. More troubling is that there will be plasticizers, such as bisphenol-a, used in the manufacture of the product. These can definitely be dangerous. However, the US Dept of Health and Human Services states clearly that all plastics marked number 5 are "very unlikely" to contain any of these dangerous plasticizers. Those that do will be containers that are not used to contain food. A research group at McPherson college used mass spectrometry across a wide variety of polypropylene containers and found that there is no danger posed by microwaving polypropylene that contains food. If you want to lower your risk as far as possible, always microwave food in glass or plastics with an explicit "microwave safe" label. However, the evidence is overwhelming that polypropylene food containers poses no health risk in the microwave.

Is fire king lusterware microwave safe?

Not for the microwave.

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