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Q: What poetic devices are in Tim McGraws live like you were dying?
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What are some poetic devices in a smile to remember?

always use like or as

Are limericks poetic devices?

No, but there are a few poetic devices found in Limericks like meter, rhyme scheme, rhyming couplets, and those are just some. Those should be the basic poetic devices in most/all limericks. Your Welcome ( o ) ( o ) \ >< / @@@@@

Why do authors use literary devices in their writing?

they use poetic devices too show the reader what they feel like in their writing and they want you to now that using poetic devices really capture the readers and everyone else eyes so then they can look at it too.

What are the poetic devices used in the Beatles song A Hard Day's Night?

The first and most obvious of the poetic devices in AHDN is the rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme in AHDN is AABBC. Another poetic device in A Hard Day's Night is simile, "And I've been working like a dog".

What are the poetic devices used in rain in summer?

the poetic devices are as following: Simile eg. like the tramp of hoofs Onomatopoeia eg. clatter and roar tell me if there are any personifications used here or metaphor

What are features of poetry?

I think features of poetry are the poetic devices used in it. Like what is it made of,most commonly used,which part of grammar.

What are the poetic devices in the poem Gabriel Okara's Once Upon a Time?

Poetic Devices: Repetition: "Once upon a time" in the 1st and last lines Similie:"..conforming smile like a fixed potrait smile." Metaphor: "Ice-block cold eyes" Sarcasm:"feel at home!" "come again"

Devices of sound?

some poetic sound devices are like assonance, consonance, alliteration, puns, rhyme, rhythm, and meter. i just don't know what each of them mean. I'm still trying to find out.

Do you spell die like this... dying or dying?


What are poetic expressions?

Poetic expressions are descriptive stanzas that use words like "as" or "like" and explain the main idea of your poem or passage.

What are the poetic devices found in The Owls by Charles Baudelaire?

Alliteration- "The dark owls sit in solemn state,"Hyperble & Simile- "Like stranger gods; by twos and twos,"Hope I helped.

How does a dying hamster behave?

like its dying

Which of these poetic devices is being used here Spring is like a perhaps hand (which comes carefully out of nowhere) arranging a window, into which people look(while people stare)?

here is the answer C. Enjambment

Does If I Die Young by The Band Perry have poetic devices and if it does what are they?

Yes there are some poetic devices in if i die young like: Lord make me a rainbow (symbolism), im as green as the ring on my cold little finger (similie), the sharp knife of a short life (metaphor), funny when you're dead how people start listening (irony)...and there's many more if you look at the lryics... I hoped this helped you somewhat

When did Dying Like Ophelia happen?

Dying Like Ophelia happened in 1851.

When was Love... Is Like Dying created?

Love... Is Like Dying was created in 1986.

What are the poetic devices in the poem hunting snake?

Simile: "I, like a second comer, waiting," "looked around like a God."Alliteration: "Must wait, must stand and wait," "and slowly, very slowly."Onomatopoeia: 'clatter', etc

What poetic device acts like a paragraph in a poem?


He runs like a deer is a form of what poetic device?


When was Live Like You Were Dying created?

Live Like You Were Dying was created on 2004-08-24.

Did Kris Allen write live like you were dying?

no and the song name is live like we're dying not live like you were dying, it was written by an Irish band called the Script

What do Shannon Johnson look like today who played in poetic justice?

What of the movie didn't Shannon Johnson play in other then poetic justice

Who sings live like your dying?

Live Like You Were Dying is sung by country singer Tim McGraw.

When was Live Like You Were Dying - song - created?

Live Like You Were Dying - song - was created in 2004-01.

What is poetry devices?

They are things used to help the poet tell the story like pathetic fallacy ,connotations,rhyming and that sort of thing. They help enhance poetic and make it more interesting to find the meaning of it. Hope this helps