What poles of a magnet attract?


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The two poles that attract are the north whit north or south whit south

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Magnet attract if opposite poles and magnet repelif same poles.

The opposite poles of a magnet do not repel, they attract.

opposite poles attract

The north pole of a magnet will always attract the south pole of another magnet.

like poles repel unlike poles attract

You have the situation reversed. Like poles repel, opposite poles attrect

it has poles because the magnet needs to have a negative and positive side so they can attract other objects

Equal poles repel. Opposite poles attract.

the poles effect it beacuse it can attract the poles

North and South (opposites)

They attract each other.A magnet has two poles , south and north.Like poles repel each other ,and unlike poles attract each other.

like poles repel and unlike poles attract because of earths gravitational field

One magnet has two different poles. Thus they attract, and don't repulse, eachother.

all magnets attract ferrous metals (metals containing iron) and the opposite poles of another magnet.

In magnet , like poles repels each other and unlike poles attract each other. North pole and South pole are dissimilar poles , so they attract each other.

Yes, the North and South poles of a magnet attract each other. Furthermore, two North or two South poles will repel each other and no matter how many times you cut a magnet in half, it will always have a North and South pole.

The electromagnetic force is one of the four elementary forces, along with gravity and the weak and strong nuclear forces. The questions 'How do opposite magnetic poles attract?' and How do like poles repel?' have no answer: it's like asking 'How does gravity work?'. BTW two bar magnets don't have to attract, it's their opposite poles that attract. Like poles always repel. Every magnet has both North and South poles. There is no magnetic monopole.

Use a compass to identify its poles. The compass needle always points to the south pole of a magnet because unlike poles attract.

"Opposites attract, Same sides Repel"

Yes. They do attract provided their unlike poles are facing each other.

Like poles repel, opposites attract. So a N pole of one bar magnet will repel the N pole of another bar magnet. And the same applies to two S poles.

Yes. The "north pole" of one magnet will attract the "south pole" of another. Opposite charges attract, likecharges repel.

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