Which magnets attract

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Magnets attract specific types of metals such as:





Try this:

Get a magnet hover it over different objects, see what it attracts and repels (doesn't attract).

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All magnets attract. What (I think) you want is that opposite poles attract and like poles repel, but all (known) magnets have both poles ... so one end or the other will attract.

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Q: Which magnets attract
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What is there in magnet that attract metals?

There are magnets in magnets that magnetically attract metal...

How do magnets attract and don't attract?

Magnets have a positive pole and a negative pole. Magnets attract positive to negative, and do not attract if you try to put postive to positive or negative to negative.

Do magnets attract all metals?

No. Magnets do not attract gold, silver, aluminum, brass, copper or lead. Magnets will attract nickel and iron or steel.

What do magnets not attract to?

what will not attract to a magnet

Do magnets only attract to shiny things?

do magnets attract only shiny things

Why do magnets not attract certain objects?

Because magnets only attract magnetic metals.

Does magnets attract?


Can magnets attract?


What kinds of things attract magnets?

other magnets

Do magnets measure mass?

No they attract to other magnets.

How are magnets the same?

Magnets are able to attract magnetic objects.

Why can magnets attract an object?

magnets have negative and positive charges