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The foreign weapons policy.

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Q: What policy did the US return to after World War 1 and before World war two?
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Why didnt the US return to our former policy of isolationism World War 2?

Fear of communism

Which of these men was closely related to the return to normalcy policy following World War I?

Warren Harding

What was foreign policy of isolationism before World War 1?

It was okay for us but there was a lot of fighting going on around the world at that time.

Was American society able to return to the war it was before World War 1?


How did the US demonstrate its return to a policy of isolationism after World War 1?

By refusing tho enter we2

Which men was closely related to the return to normalcy policy following World War 1?

Married men

Why did the US support the return of the French at the end of World War 2?

The US simply defeated an enemy, and tried to allow the world to return to the way it was before the war.

Was the open door policy with china before or after World War 2?

Before :) TR's idea of course

Which policy was espoused by both liberals and conservatives in the United States before World War 2?

The Policy of Neutrality and Isolationism.

What is the policy of giving in to Hitler's demands before World War 2 called?

"Appeasement" .

How did America's Involvement in World War I affect domestic policies?

Before World War One, the United States of America had an isolation policy. This meant that they did not involve themselves in any international affairs or wars. However after World War One, there was a massive shift in their policy and they eliminated their isolation policy.

What was the US policy toward China called?

In the period before World War 1, the US policy towards China was called The Open Door Policy.