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Baron de Montesquieu

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Q: What political philosophers had the greatest impact on the Constitution?
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Who of the three natural rights philosophers had the greatest impact on American government?


Which European philosopher had the greatest impact on the founders when writing the U.S. Constitution?

John Locke

What had the greatest direct impact on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights?

us hitory ,us constiitution

What impact did Mycenaean civilization have on later Greeks?

Fortresses What political and ethic ideas did Greek philosophers make How did Mycenaen civilizations affect the later Greeks

How did amendment to the U.S. Constitution impact the political process in the US?

We need to know the particular amendment you are asking about to answer.

How did the enlightenment impact the US Constitution?

The Constitution uses ideas from philosophers from the Enlightenment era. For example, John Locke's ideas on securing life, How_did_the_enlightenment_ideas_influence_the_American_revolution_and_constitutionand property and Montesquieu's ideas on separation of powers and checks and balances.

What impact did john Locke have on the constitution?

He had an impact on the constitution because he spoke motivationally.

Which part of the federal government in the Constitution but by custom has affected the impact of the impact of the Constitution?

The Cabinet.

Which factor has the greatest impact on the density of water?

As long as its phase is unchanged, its purity will have the greatest impact.

Which communication level has the greatest impact on the receiver?

A type of communication which has greatest impact is written communication

The influx of political refugees into the US and the willingness of the U.S. government to accept these refugees have the greatest impact on which of the following?

diplomatic relations with other countries

What European philosophers' concepts of natural rights had a great impact on American politics?


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