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There are lots of polygons like that. If by 1 right angle, you mean exactly 1 right angle, there are no such quadrilaterals, but there are pentagons (in fact n-gons for all n>=5.)

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How many parallel lines does a right angle have?

A right angle has no parallel lines, but it does have perpendicular lines that meet at right angles.

Do parallel lines meet at a right angle?

No, parallel lines do not meet at a right angle. In theory, parallel lines never meet. In practice, parallel lines on earth could meet at the North Pole and/or the South Pole. Perpendicular lines meet at a right angle.

What polygon has 2 right angles and 1 set of parallel lines?

Answera polygon that has two right angles and one set of parallel lines is a hexagon

How do you draw a polygon with one parallel line and one right angel?

One line by itself can't be parallel technically. To have a polygon with 2 lines parallel to each other and exactly 1 right angle, one could simply draw a warped hexagon with two lines intersecting each other at nine degrees, then connecting to 2 lines parallel to each other, then 2 other lines randomly placed to avoid making another 90° angle

Are right angles parallel?

Parallel refers to lines and not angles A right angle is formed by 2 lines that are perpendicular to each other and not parallel If you already have a line and you draw two lines which are at right angles to it, those two lines are parallel.

What shape has perpendicular lines and no parallel lines?

Right angle triangle, yup that's right

How many parallel and perpendicular lines are they in a right angle triangle?

There are no parallel lines in any triangle but a right angle triangle has perpendicular line that meet each other at 90 degrees.

Is it possible to have a shape where a right angle is formed by parallel lines?

I'm sorry there is no possible way to make a parallel lines form a right angle in any sort of shape unless u where to bend one of the lines in which case they would no longer be parallel.

Can a triangle have a pair of parellel and perpendicular lines?

No parallel lines but a right angle triangle has perpendicular lines.

Show you a quadrilateral with one set parallel lines and one right angle?

I don't think this is possible. there is not a quadrilateral with these qualities. If it is a quadrilateral, it will automatically have parallel lines, but there is not one that has both. The closest one would be the trapezoid, with a set of parallel lines, but no right angle. The square and rectangle have two sets of parallel lines and 4 right angles.

Is a line which intersects two parallel lines?

No they are perpendicular if the intersect at a right angle. + is perpendicular, = is parallel

How many parallel lines does a riht angled triangle have?

There are no parallel sides in a right angle triangle

Does a right triange have parallel lines?

No. A triangle can never have parallel lines. Parallel lines run alongside each other, so that if they continued forever, they would never meet, such as the top and bottom of a square. All lines meet in a triangle. A right triangle is distinguished by having one 90 degree angle (also known as a right angle).

What polygon has 1 right angle?

Any polygon can have a right angle. A right angled triangle is an example.

Can two parallel lines ever become perpendicular?

No, because parallel lines will always go the same directions and never make a right angle.

Does a rght triangle need parallel and perpendicular lines?

Perpendicular lines meet at a right angle so a right angled triangle has two lines which are perpendicular to eachother. However there are no parallel lines in a right angled triangle, or any triangles for that matter.

What is a polygon with one right angle?

Any polygon, if it is not regular, can have 1 right angle.

Are right angles the same as parallel?

No, right angles are the same as perpendicular. A right angle means that 2 lines intersect at 90 degrees which makes them perpendicular. Two lines that are parallel do not intersect at all.

What polygon have one set of parallel lines and includes one right angle?

Well I can think of a pentagon that would. Imagine a parallelogram flat on the table and then chop one of the angled sides vertically down. You'd give it an extra side and make 1 angle only on the shape a right angle.

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