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equilateral, isosceles, right angle and scalene

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Is a polygon a triangle?

No but a triangle (not traingle!) is a polygon.

Are you able to classify polygons by their sides and angles?

Yes because polygons have 3 or more sides.

What are the base polygons in a prism?

The base polygons of the platonic solids are as follows:Tetrahedron = TriangleCube = SquareOctahedron = TriangleDodecahedron = PentagonIcosahedron = Triangle

Issoceles triangle scalane triangle and trapezium?

They are three different polygons.

What are triangle out shapes?

They are 3 sided polygons

How are scalene triangle and right triangle alike?

They are both polygons with three sides.

Why are a triangle and square are alike?

a triangle is half a square

How do you classify a triangle?

A triangle is classified as a 3 sided polygon.

How do you classify a acute triangle?

If the triangle is less than 90 degrees, it is an acute triangle

How are a parallelogram and triangle related?

They are both convex polygons.

Which regular polygons will tesselate?

Triangle, square, hexagon.

What are three polygons?

Triangle, octagon, and my favorite, dodecagon.

Can a triangle be similar to a rectangle?

Not normally but they are both polygons

How do you classify the polygons that are used to create each tessellation?

There are regular polygons (with 3, 4 and 6 sides).There are irregular convex polygons (with 3, 4, 5 or 6 sides). There are [irregular] concave polygons with various numbers of sides.

What are math patterns?

they are like polygons in a pattern like 121212121 or triangle square triangle square.

Can you list 5 polygons?

Triangle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon. Though, there are much more names of polygons.

What is a list of polygons?

A list of polygons would include the triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, octagon, and the hexagon. Some additional polygons are the enneagon, the heptagon, the dodecagon, and the hexdecagon.

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