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The Good Housekeeping Research Institute tested seven pool alarms (they tell you when the water is disturbed) and six gate alarms (installed on a barrier around your pool, they sound when the gate is opened).

Pool Alarms that passed the Good Housekeeping Research Institutes's rigorous testing: '''MG International Sensor Espio, '''RJE Technologies AquaGuard, '''MG International Swim Alert, '''Poolguard PGRM-2, and Safety Turtle Wireless Wristband Alarm.

Pool Alarms that FAILED: '''Allweather Pool S.O.S., '''Driven Designs Pool Patrol PA-30, '''SmartPool PE22.

Gates that passed the GHRI testing: '''SmartPool YardGuard YG18, '''Pool Patrol GA-30, '''Poolguard Door Alarm (DAPT) and Gate Alarm (GAPT), '''Safety Turtle GA-101, '''Techko S087.

You can read why each passed or failed by clicking on the related link at the bottom of this article titled Good Housekeeping Official Pool Alarm Tests.

'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' I personally think that the best ones are the ones that alarm when a child or anything weighing more than 15 pounds falls into the pool. The system detects underwater waves, and works in pools up to 800 sq. ft. (I think). The type of pool alarm suggested would probably be good, but I would suggest a perimeter type also there are door alarms. I would prefer to run after and stop my child from falling into the pool than to wait till he/she does falls in. The best alarm is yourself in doing things to prevent the child from getting out to the pool. I added a smaller type of dead bolt at the top of the door/doors leading to the pool and I make sure both dead bolts are locked at all times. If I'm out by the pool then common sense tells me to be aware of where my child is at all times. Also I have a home alarm system that is zoned so the rear doors and windows are armed. Whilst the strap on type are well accepted in the market, they will only work when they are attached to the wrist. This is not always a viable option. Therte is another type which works as a zone alarm. that is it protects the pool zone. It uses infrared sensors in an active passive manner. What it does is senses a warm body entering the zone (warm body means toddler on the move). This means that the alarm activates before the child gets wet. Reasearch I have seen points out that the toddler can climb the fence, hence evading some of the perimeter alarms or gate alarms. I am a manufacturer of swimming pool alarms so some of this may be somewhat biased. Current laws requiring fences, door alarms or pool covers leave consumers with a somewhat false sense of security. Our research shows us that most people who install door alarms eventually disconnect them and those with covers forget to close them or can't close them because they're too awkward. Even after all the barriers are installed and working, a pool alarm system is the only indicator that something has entered your pool and will give you an alarm. Unlike any alarm available to date the Aqua Protech is the only system that will operate with a pool cover in place or when any features like waterfall or pool cleaner are running. The system is unprecedented in its accuracy in detecting an object dropping into a pool without creating false alarms. Aqua Protech Systems, a high tech company based in Sacramento has developed a new state of the art swimming pool alarm system. Introduced to the public 15 months ago, Aqua Protech has been an overwhelming success story for those that have the alarms. Comments we received from a Master Pool Builder was Every pool should have an alarm like this one!. The NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute) in Florida said that a cheap portable alarm was purchased and with all of its inadequacies and false alarms, he "May as well have thrown the money in the pool". This is a permanent installation that is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The alarm is a stand alone product that also has a dry contact to connect to a home alarm system for monitoring by an alarm company. Recently my son came home with a sticker, pool monitor card and several other water safety products he received at a Safety Fair. Some of the products were distributed by All-Safe Pool Safety Barriers. As an All-Safe customer it made me think about the piece of mind their product has given my family. We have three children who love the water. We wouldn't even allow our pool to be filled until we had their fence around the pool. After our pool contractor recommended their company we contacted them. From start to finish it was a very positive experience for us. The entire staff bent over backwards to get our fence in. The staff they sent to our home was professional, kind and creative to meet all of our needs. Their product is amazing. We have the kind of little boy who could who is part Evil Knievel and part Houdini. The 5' fence All-Safe put in has stopped him every time. He now swims exceptionally well for his age yet we keep the fence up all the time for piece of mind. During a recent adult party I took the fence down and it was like it had never been there. After seeing the items my son brought home for pool safety it made me think just how thankful I am for products like theirs. I just had an inspector come out to inspect or in ground pool and there main concern is kid's getting into the pool so of course the fence helped as long as has locks then the curve ball you're on children getting out of the house so we got ADT alarms put on all exits and we passed.

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Q: What pool alarm is recommended?
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Yes, it will work but the wildlife may acyivate the alarm.

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"• The POOL ALARM can be used with a solar blanket." you can go to and read manuals for the different alarms they have.

Is there a subsurface alarm system that will attach to a portable pool?

There is not. It's up to you to test a regular above ground pool alarm to see that it works but don't take a chance with safety. Safety Turtle (company/brand) has a product that your children or pets wear as a watch (or dog collar). When it comes into contact with water a remote alarm sounds. Use any pool alarm as part of layers of protection for your children. (BTW, they have come up with a pool light for above ground pools.)

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I would recommend a pool cover in conjunction with a pool alarm. Pool covers or pool nets can give you the protection you need against children accidentally falling into the pool. There are various types of pool alarms that will help notify you if your child has entered the pool.

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It is not recommended to put bleach in a pool at all. You put chlorine in them.

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well id do both just to safer ! but if i had to pick just one id pick the alarm :) A gate will keep people out where as an alarm alerts you to when someone is already in. It depends on how old the people are you are wanting to keep out. Also check with your insurance company, a gate might be less to insure. If you have little ones an alarm might save a life if the gate fails.

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No above ground pool cover is safe for little ones as adults can be in a rush and forget to "buckle down the hatches." Usually the covers that fit over the sides and are clipped down are the best. However, a fence around the above pool is even better. Marcy A swimming pool safety cover is latched down over the pool. Have atleast 3 barriers where anyone needs to get through to get to the pool. Door alarm Fence Alarm on the fence Safety cover

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It is recommended to hire a swimming pool contractor however if you're motivated and capable you can definitely do it yourself. Just make sure your town approves your installation of the new pool.

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Yes but not recommended.