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Go to school and learn it yourself ;p

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What factors of life affect the everglades?

the wild animals and plants will affect the everglades

Name four factors that affect the density of populations?

wind,air,water, and air

How do Burmese pythons affect the Everglades National Park?

they eat all the other animals in the everglades

How does the climate affect the everglades?

BeAt OfF

What are some functions or benefits of the Everglades?

The everglades purifies water of sediment

Which body of water does the Everglades get its water from?

The Everglades gets its water from Lake Okeechobee, the Kissimmee River, and the Big Cypress Swamp.

What are the main ways people affect everglades national park?

they affect by the construction.also can affect by littering.

What type of water does the everglades have?

fresh water

Does the Everglades have salt water or Pure water?

Fresh water. The Florida Everglades is actually a moving body of water, often referred to as the "river of grass".

What wetlands of Florida allow a shallow layer of water to flow across the everglades?


How is the water that goes into the Everglades control?

By canals in the water

What is critical to life in everglades?


Does the water in the Everglades flow?


How did the Vietnam War affect plant populations?

Plant populations have grown back.

Why are the everglades losing water?

because people are wasting water and there is none left for the everglades also cause of people leaving the water on or taking a long shower

Why was the Everglades drained?

The everglades have not been drained.

Are the everglades a rainforest?

No, the Everglades is a swamp.

How do pythons affect the Everglades?

because their spreading speicies to new locations

What are the major bodies of water that are in Florida?

the everglades

What role does the everglades play in the water cycle?


What are the main abiotic factors of the everglades?


How is the water that goes into the Everglades controlled?

The water is controlled by dikes and ditches.

How is water that goes into the Everglades controlled?

The water is controlled by dikes and ditches.

How do plankton populations affect the sustainability of a fishery?


Does Down syndrome affect specific populations of people more than other populations?