What port do earphone use?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What port do earphone use?
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Can you use your gummy earphones on the computer?

If the connection part on the earphone fits into the earphone connection hole, then yes, you can.

What is the use of ceramic earphone?

it has a high impendence

What problem you face when use too much earphone?


What is the use of earphone?

to listing to songs and peple and play games

What is use of earphone?

to listing to songs and peple and play games

Does earphone have a prefix or suffix?

Earphone has neither a prefix or suffix. It has a root word: phone.

When was Katahō Zutsu no Earphone created?

Katahō Zutsu no Earphone was created on 1995-06-06.

Why does a earphone cut out while using your htc phone?

The usual cause is a faulty wire somewhere between the earphone itself and the phone. Try using another earphone that you know works properly. If that cures the problem - you know your original earphone needs replacing. If not, the fault is in the phone itself.

How much do earphone cost?

i depends were

Do htc phones have earphone plugs?

Depending on the model, region, or even carrier, some HTC phones come with earphone plugs.

Can you put earphone into a PS3?

No, only bluetooth

What port dns use?

Port 53