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He played QB, WR, and RB, it depended on what the need or situation was.

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Q: What positions did Hines Ward play at the University of Georgia?
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What years did Hines Ward attended the University of Georgia?

Hines Ward attended the University of Georgia from 1994-1997.

What college did Hines Ward attend?

Hines Ward attended the University of Georgia.

What college does Hines Ward hail from?

Hines Ward attended the University of Georgia.

What college football team did Hines Ward play for?

Hines Ward hailed from the University of Georgia, he played for the Georgia Bulldogs.

What number was Hines Ward when he played for the University of Georgia?


How did Hines Ward start playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Hines Ward was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the third round of the 1998 NFL Draft out of the University of Georgia.

Where did Hines Ward attend college?

Hines Ward was a Georgia Bulldog, he was also a quarterback.

Did Hines Ward move to Georgia?

Yes. Hines Ward had a 15,000 square foot mansion designed for him in Atlanta, Georgia.

What schools did Hines Ward go to?

He went to Forest Park High School, Forest Park, Georgia and the University of Georgia.

When did Hines Ward graduate from college?


Where does Hines Ward live?

Hines Ward lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He was originally born in South Korea, until he came to the United States and played for the University of Georgia in college football. At UGA, he was a star tailback, quarterback, and wide receiver. Hines Ward is currently playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers as a wide receiver.

Who scored touchdowns in the super bowl from the University of Georgia?

hines ward, terell Davis. Zeke bratkowski? possible

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