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They don’t have any power except for who they approve for federal and supreme courts.

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Q: What power does Congress have to influence the U.S. judicial system?
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What limits the powers of congress?

The president can veto a bill, which prevents it from passing. The judicial system can exercise a power known as judicial review to determine if a law is constitutional.

What was The power of judicial review is one example of?

courts interpreting the constituion -PrinceBlast

What is judicial review and how did the Supreme Court acquire this power?

The power was established in Marbury v Madison. It is important as it allows the Judicial system to check the power of Congress. They review a law to determine if it is unconsititutional.

How does the judicial branch check the power of the congress?

Can declare laws unconstitutional

What are the 3 branches of government and who is in charge of each?

The answer to that would be Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.

What is the judicial power of the United states vested in?

Like all branches in a federalist system, judicial power is split between state and federal levels. States can vest the judicial power in whatever courts their constitutions or legislatures wish to create. At the federal level, Article III requires that the judicial power be vested in the Supreme Court, and in any inferior courts which Congress should choose to create.

What is judicicial power?

Judicial power is the power of a court to invalidate or legitimate an act of Congress with regards to a written constitution.

How does congress exercise control over administrative agencies?

Through their elected representatives to Congress, or by appealing their actions to the Judicial system.

Can the US President hold acts of Congress and of the courts unconstitutional?

No. Only the Judicial branch has the Constitutional authority to declare laws unconstitutional.

What are powers denied to the judicial branch?

Congress (judicial AND legislative branches) are denied the power to impeach, that is the right of the Supreme Court

Power of the supreme court to examine laws passed by congress?

judicial review

How did congress get the power to pass the civil rights act of 1964?

judicial review