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It depends upon what state, commonwealth or territory you are referring to.

They can propose laws, and they have the threat of a veto.

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Q: What power does the governor have?
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Which level of government does the governor maintain power?

A State Governor derives her power under the Executive Branch of government.

Does the governor have no power to veto an individual item in an appropriations bill?

the answer is that the Governor DOES HAVE the power to select individual items and veto them.

How is the president and Governor different?

In general, the president has more power of the Governor.

What power does the president have that the Tennessee governor does not have?

what powers does the president have that the Tennessee governor does not have

The office second in power to governor?

In States that have that position, it is the Lieutenant Governor.

What are the formal powers of the governor?

the govenor has the power of tenture, appointing powers, the power to veto, budgeting power, the power to reorganize state agencies and departments, and the governor has staffing powers

What is a power of the state governor?

The governor has the power to propose legislation, budgets, and programs in the General Assembly. The governor cannot vote on this legislation, but it is still a way to make his or her desires known to the legislature.

Example of an executive power given to the governor?

Some of the examples of an executive power given to the governor is that he may demand for budget cuts.

What power does the governor have that the presidents doesn't?

The power to stay an execution.

Can the governor grant a commutation?

The governor of a state can grant a commutation. In fact, the governor has the power to pardon, commute or suspend sentences.

Where does the governor receive power from?

the citizens

What was the last state to give governor the veto power?

North Carolina was the last state, the governor did not obtain veto power until 1996

Who is second in power to Arizona's governor?

The Secretary of State is second in power to Arizona's governor. The current Secretary of State for Arizona is Ken Bennett.

The right or power of a president or governor to reject bills passed by lawmaking body?

the right or power of a president or governor to reject bills

Who was higher in power in Egypt the Pharaoh or the Governor?

The Pharaoh. By governor you must mean monarchs.

How can a governor be removed from power?

When the governor is impeached by the House of Representatives within the State Government

Does the governor of Georgia have the line-item veto power?

The Governor of Georgia does have line-item veto power. The Georgia General Assembly can override the governor's veto, with a two-thirds majority in each chamber.

What is the difference between a strong governor and a weak governor?

A strong governor is allowed to appoint cabinet members and has some veto power. A weak governors cabinet members are appointed by votes and have no veto power.

If a governor is arrested who is in power?

If the governor is unable to fulfill his/her duties (e.g. under arrest) the lieutenant governor will take his/her place until the governor returns, if s/he returns.

What does The governor's legislative power stems from?

The governor's legislative power stems from all the following except his: authority to appoint committee chairs.

The power of a governor to call a special session of the legislature is an example of what type of power?

legislative power

Who has the power to decare war?

President or the governor

Does the governor have the power to make appointments?


When did the nc governor get veto power?


What power does the state Governor has?

propose legislation ....

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