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Q: What prayer did Hector make for his child in the movie 'Trojan War'?
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Name an event a child closes their eyes for?

sleep, scary movie, shots, making a wish, prayer, roller coaster, hide and seek

Who is the kid that plays Hector Zeroni in the movie Holes?

"Zero" Hector Zeroni, was played by: Khleo Thomas.

Who was in the Trojan War?

Many people were in the Trojan war. For starters all of Greek and Troy, then there was King Priam, he was the King of Troy and father of Prince Hector and Prince Paris. Then there was King Agamemnon, he ruled all of Greece; he also had his brother who was King Menelaus who married Queen Helen. In the war Helen plays a huge role for she leaves with Prince Paris and then Menelaus and Agamemnon send a thousand ships to bring her back. Then Archilles comes in, he's know as an unbelievable figher. He fights for the Greeks for fame and just to be remembered in history. Thetis is Archilles mother, Patroclus is Archilles cousin. Prince Hector was the heir to the throne of Troy. He was said to be the greatest warrior despite Archilles being a demi-god or whatever. Hector was maried to Andromache and they had a son. Of course later in the movie Hector is killed by Archilles while Archilles is enraged with the death of his cousin Patroclus who was killed by Hector. Although Hector thought that Patroclus was Archilles. Homer you could say was a huge part of the Trojan war. Homer wrote the 'Illiad' and the 'Odyssey.' These were two epic poems that he wrote about the Trojan war. Another character I just remembered was Odysseus, Odysseus was like the only person outside Archilles mother and cousin that could get through to Archilles. Another person that caught my attention in the Trojan war was Briseis. In the movie she was the lover of Archilles after being captured by the Greeks and she was given to him. However I don't really know if that really happend in reality. I know for a fact she was captured by the Greeks, and that she was given to Archilles I'm not sure about her actual role in Archilles love life. Anyway those are the people off the top of my head. I hope this answers your question.

Who is andromache in the movie troy?

Andromache is Hector's wife

In the movie holes what was zeros first name?


Who played Hector in the movie Troy?

Eric Bana :)

Who was orli hersch in the movie the beaver?

hector's sister

What is Eric known for?

Playing Hector in the movie Troy.

Is the boondock saints prayer a real prayer?

It wasn't before the movie came out.

What is the theme of the movie 'Helen of Troy'?

the Trojan war

What is Eric Bana known for?

Playing Hector in the movie Troy.

Who stole the shoes in holes the movie?

Zero- Hector Zerozi

What kind of horse was Hector in Comanche Moon?

Hector, as he was written in the novel, was a draft horse - either pure or part. In the movie, he is played by a Percheron gelding.

In the movie Holes what is Zero's real life name?

Hector Zeroni.

In the movie Pirates of the Caribbean what is captain barbbosa first name?


Who plays the character of hector zeroni in the movie holes?

khleo thomas

What word to use for this sentence Hector says he does not when the movie starts?


Was nyjah huston in the movie holes?

Hector Zeroni played zero in holes, nyjah was not in it.

Was Achilles a Trojan in the Trojan war?

Achilles fought on the Greek's side, not the Trojan's. No, Archilles was not a Trojan, nor was he a Greek. He lived on the island of Crete with his mother, and Crete was a nuertal territory. Although in the movie with Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom he may have at the end tried to help save a Trojan woman he himself was not one.

In the movie Holes what was Zero's real full name?

zeros full name in the movie holes is Hector Zeroni

Who will be the villain in the green lantern movie?

There will be 3 villians in the green lantern movie hector hammond, sinestro, and parallax

What is historically incorrect about the movie Troy?

The movie showed Brad Pitt (Achilles) as being more of a warrior than Hector was, which was not true. If Hector could hold the combat for many years, then obviously he was more of a match to Achilles. The movie also showed that Achilles was angered when Agamemnon claimed his woman, who happened to be Hector's sister. in the myth, Achilles was angered over the claiming of Briseis who was not royal at all.

What celebrations did Troy have when the Trojan Horse was wheeled in?

Well in the movie " Troy" They take the Trojan horse to the temple of poseidon (he was sea and horse lord) and they do this dance thingy

Did Achilles die in the movie troy?

Yes he does , cause he regrets killing hector

What type of lizards were on Stanley and Hector in the movie holes?

yellow spotted lizards