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we can check it through seen the results of our fermentation.

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Can you get drunk by eating fermented figs?


Why doesn't yeast ferment water?

Because water is not a food for the yeast. Fermentation is a process of yeast ( eating ) food and turning it into CO2 and ethanol, THAT food is sugar, so water won't be fermented.

How could a pig get drunk from eating rotten apples?

Rotten apples ferment as they go bad. The fermentation process releases alcohol. If a pig eats a fermented apple, it could most definitely get drunk.

Do birds get hiccups?

Yes....especially after eating fermented berries.

Can cows get drunk from eating corn?

Only if the corn has fermented to the point of turned to alcohol.

Thinking about fermentation what happens during brewing and bread making?

during the process of fermentation in bread making, sugars are converted into alcohols and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide will form bubbles which will be trapped in the gluten of the wheat causing the bread to rise. Because the fermentation process in bread ocurs in such a short amount of time, only small amounts of alcohol are made, which most of them will evaporate during the baking process, therefore you wont get drunk by eating bread

How long have alcoholic drinks been popular?

Since the first anthropoid discovered that you can get a buzz from eating fermented fruit.

When did they invent drinking alcohol?

The first time a hunter-gatherer got high from eating naturally-fermented fruit. Beer goes back about 8000 years that we know of, and distilled spirits appeared in Europe during the 12th Century.

Is eating guava safe during pregnancy?

Yes. Eating guava is safe during pregnancy.

Can an elephant get drunk eating rotten or fermented fruit?

They would, but pachyderms do not eat rotten fruit of vegetation. National Geographic has an article discussing the myth of elephants getting drunk from eating marula fruit at the link below.

What will eating poop do to you?

According to an ancient manuscript i found, if mixed with rice and fermented in a pot of vinegar for 3 monthes properly salted, and then consumed, it will result in immortality

Can you get worms from eating bacon?

No,But be cautious of what you eat make shure it is properly cooked if packaged it will be safe but take precautions on raw products

How does your religious belief affect your eating habits?

affects everything during eating

What is the consequences of eating food during lunar eclipse?

There are no special consequences, helpful or harmful, resulting from eating food during a lunar eclipse.

Head temples hurt eating?

only during eating raw carrots and greenbeans

Why is eating a chemical change?

During eating foods are chemically transformed in other products.

What organs are used during and after eating?

your stomach

During Ramadan when do Muslims stop eating?

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims stop eating after sunrise. Before sunrise they get up and have breakfast.

Can your breasts grow from eating too much or is it just puberty?

The breasts grow during puberty as well as during obesity due to over eating.

Your horse is staggering?

You may want to consult a veterinarian. One common cause of this is from eating old apples. Apples that are partially rotten may have fermented to produce alcohol, and this could cause staggering.

Can rotten pineapple peels get you drunk?

Yes you can although the process is actually called fermentation and there is a method to making it rather than eating peels out of the garbage, lol.

How long will refrigerated cooked hulled barley keep?

I've had some cooked hulled barley in the refrigerator for about 12 days. It has grown a bit slimy and has a slightly fermented taste to it, but I've been eating it with no problem. The slimy texture reminds me of natto, the fermented soybeans that are eaten in Japan and have many health benefits. Given that barley is such a good food to begin with and that fermented foods are generally so healthy, I've been willing to eat this despite the (to my palate) suboptimal taste and texture.

What is the effect of eating raw rice during pregnancy?

There is no affect, it is perfectly normal to eating cooked rice.

Can eating raw rice affect the baby during pregnancy?

Only if you are not also eating a balanced diet.

Can eating cornstarch during pregnancy be harmful to your baby?