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Precautions should be taken to protect patients from unnecessary exposure to radiation. Patients should be shielded with lead aprons as much as possible.

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Q: What precautions should be taken with x rays?
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What are precautions for X-rays?

wear safety goggles

Should x-rays be taken during pregnancy?

This is very good question! X-rays must not be taken during the pregnancy. X-rays are very much harmful radiation for the fetus. There are other methods of imaging. Those should be used. X-rays are potentially teratogenic radiation. Teratogenic means you can have the abnormal baby. At times, the abdomen is covered with the metal sheet to protect the fetus and X-ray chest or of head is taken. In no case the fetus is exposed to the X-rays during first three months of the pregnancy.

How frequent x'rays should taken in 1 year?

X-rays should be taken only when the benefit outweighs the risk, and that is a decision your doctor should make.

Why are X-rays taken of the hand in mallet finger?

X rays will be taken to determine if the bone at the top of the finger has been fractured.

How many X-rays are taken during a screening mammogram?

A total of four x rays, two of each breast, are taken for a screening mammogram.

How many X rays are taken in the US?


What is a cholecystogram?

Cholecystogram is a series of x-rays taken of the gallbladder. A fatty meal is given to stimulate gallbladder after preliminary films, and additional x-rays are then taken.

What's the meaning of x rays?

The meaning of the term x-rays is an internal image that is taken with an electromagnetic wave of high energy and very short wavelength. X-rays are commonly taken of the human body to detect injuries.

How many x rays are taken in a day?

roughly 64.

What is a stereotactic device?

It has x rays are taken from several angles

Why are x-rays taken of the spines of children with Marfan syndrome?

The child's spine should be x rayed in order to measure the extent of scoliosis or kyphosis.

Why are wrist x-rays taken when carpal tunnel syndrome is suspected?

Wrist x rays are often taken to rule out the possibility of a tumor causing pressure on the median nerve.

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