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  • Tarantulas have very few natural enemies other than humans. Its only real natural enemy is an insect known as the spider wasp. One of the types of the spider wasp is the The Tarantula Hawk or Tarantula Killer (Pepsis wasps) giant wasp. The wasp finds the tarantula by using olfactory or the sense of smell. The wasp stings the tarantula, which paralyzes it, then the wasp lays an egg on its abdomen and then buries it in the tarantulas burrow. When the egg hatches the tarantula is used as a living food source by the wasp grub.
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Q: What predators eat tarantulas?
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Are pink toed tarantulas herbivores?

Pink toed tarantulas are predators. They do not eat plants. They usually eat insects but have been known to eat small lizards.

Do tarantulas eat other tarantulas?

yes they do

Are there any bugs that can harm poison or kill tarantulas?

Yes, wasps in the Pompilidae family in the United States are predators of tarantulas. Giant centepedes are also predators.

How can tarantulas die?

Some tarantulas may be caught by predators, such as wasp. Other tarantulas may starve or get a disease. Only some of the tarantulas will survive into adulthood. By: Takara Knight

What kind of insects do tarantulas eat?

Tarantulas would eat crickets and some could eat little birds.

What are scorpion predators?

Raccoons, foxes, some birds, tarantulas.

What are the natural predators of the tarantula?

Tarantulas in general have few predators. Some include snakes, scorpions, wasps, lizards, birds, and, well, humans. But very few are the tarantulas that become meals.

How do tarantulas eat frogs?

Tarantulas eat frogs and toads because frogs and toad are tarantulas food its just like how other animals eat other animals ( big fish eat smaller fish )

Do tarantulas eat plants?


Why are tarantulas deadly?

they eat you

Do tarantulas eat humans?


Do tarantulas eat turtles?


Can tarantulas eat stick insects?

Yes they can. Tarantulas will eat pretty much any live animal they can overpower.

Can tarantulas eat anacondas?

No. While tarantulas occasionally eat small snakes an anaconda is far too large.

Do Hamilton frogs have predators?

Tarantulas are a bad threat to Hamilton's frog.

Where do people eat fried tarantulas?

Fried Tarantulas are a delicacy in Cambodia and Vietnam.

What are the bats predators?

Bats predators are snakes, racoons, opossums. and tarantulas. Sometimes a hawk or a owl will snatch them from the sky.

Do tarantulas eat scorpions?

Tarantulas Could Eat Scorpions. It Depends On The Type Of Tarantula. A Goliath Tarantula Would Definetley Eat A Scorpion. Scorpions Extremely Occasionally Eat Tiny Tarantulas. Most Scorpions Eat Spiderlings. P.S. Tarantulas Rule. Scorpions Stink So Bad. Scorpions Get Dihorea ALL Day. And LOVE To Stink. Tarantulas Rule. SCORPIONS SUCK SO BAD!!!!

Do tarantulas eat wolf spiders?

NO, they eat children

What predators does a Praying Mantis have?

Large spiders ie; tarantulas, small mammals.

Do coyotes eat tarantulas?


Do hyenas eat tarantulas?


Can tarantulas eat slugs?


What spiders don't eat flies?

Large Spiders Such As Tarantulas Do NOT Eat Flies. Tarantulas Prefer Cockroaches, Crickets, Katydids, Grasshoppers, Lizards, Frogs, Snakes, Mice, Scorpions And Other Animals. Other Large Spiders Also Eat What Tarantulas Eat.

What will eat a tarantula?

A tarantula would be eaten by very few predators like secretary birds, birds of prey, other tarantulas, even humans, and possibly dogs.