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Humans and other lions hunt lions.

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Lions are the main predator of the zebra

No Giraffes are herbivores and definitely don't hunt lions that don life in their region.

No, mountain lions are solitary ambush predators.

Yes, Mountain Lions are predators.Yes, Mountain Lions are predators.Yes, Mountain Lions are predators.Yes, Mountain Lions are predators.Yes, Mountain Lions are predators.Yes, Mountain Lions are predators.Yes, Mountain Lions are predators.Yes, Mountain Lions are predators.Yes, Mountain Lions are predators.Yes, Mountain Lions are predators.Yes, Mountain Lions are predators.

Sea lions are predators of octupus, squid, anchovey, lamprey, rockfish, salmon, and mackerel. Sea lions are considered predators because they hunt and catch prey. Sea lions are also prey. They are hunted and eaten by white sharks, and orcas( killer whales).

Lions are carnivores because they eat meat (carni = meat, vore = eater) and they're predators because they (often) hunt and kill animals to eat themselves.

Although there are stronger animals than the asiatic lion, the others are not direct predators because they do not actually hunt the lions. only when the lions seem a threat to them or there children, will it attack. There is one significant predator, though, and that is us.

Except humans and male lions, there are no major predators for the lions

Man, lions, hyena, and wild dogs. Lions, hyena, and wild dogs may hunt and kills elephants, but it is for food. Man hunts elephant for sport.

Lions hunt baby giraffes. Crocodiles often ambush even adult giraffes.

There are many predators that hunt zebras and antelopes. The main predators include lions, cheetahs, tigers and many more.

Lions are the most known predators of camels. However, leopards are also known to hunt camels as their prey and will use them as a food source.

Lions do not have predators that will eat them for food. Lions are apex predators, meaning that they have no predators at all but rather prey on other species.Humans do kill lions, but only for pelts, money, or trophies. Occasionally, a pack of hyenas will team up on a lion(ess), but they will not kill it. Hyenas and leopards will attack lion cubs. When a male lion joins a pride, he will kill any cubs in the pride but will produce some of his own. Lions do attack each other and sometimes kill, but they will leave the carcass. So basically, lions have no predators that will eat them, but they do have experiences and attacks from other species (or other lions) within their life.Thus Lions have no natural predators but may be killed by humans, diseases, and other lions.yes, hynas and crocodilesMan?Umm... Sometimes humans hunt lions for their skin, teeth, etc. But other animals don't hunt lions.Lions have no natural predators. Lions are Apex Predators that are on the top of their food chain and have no natural predators that can kill adult lions. However young lions are vulnerable to Hyena's. Also, adult Elephants, Rhino's or Hippo's can injure or even kill lions when there is a face off but that happens very rarely.Lions have no predators.

All kind of lions are predators.

Lions are predators that hunt for food the are on the top of the food chain and their only threat are humans or other lions. They mostly hunt but on rare occasions they would scavenge

Lets see... biggest predator is people. Other predators are the local ones that could actually hunt them, lions tigers and alligators

Lions are the most often predators of the elephant. Especially when they hunt in large groups or packs.

Lions are strict carnivores and apex predators. They hunt their prey, but will scavenge when necessary or convenient.

Lions, I also think that the bushmen used to hunt antelopes- I'm not sure.

Lions (carnivores) are predators of zebras (herbivores).

Lions usually hunt at night

Sea lions hunt fish and other marine animals. Bald eagles are at the top of the food chain and don't have any predators. Therefor, sea lions are not predators of the bald eagle.

lions predators are animals.lions eat animals that we call carnivore.

Lions are apex predators. They are at the top of the food chain.

what are the predators tha hunt a jackrabbit