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George Washington been on the regular issue quarter since 1932. There have failrly recently been quarters issued to honor every state and more recently various national parks.

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Q: What president is on a quarter?
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In the quarter there's a president what is his name?

The president on the US quarter is George Washington.

What president is shown on the quarter?

George Washington, the first US president, is on the US quarter dollar coin.

What president is on the US quarter?

George Washington appears on the quarter.

Which president is on quarter?

George Washington.

Which president does the quarter feature?

George Washington.

What is the president on the Arizona quarter?

George Washington

Why is George Washington on the Quarter?

to honor George Washington's birth bicentennialhe was on the quarter because he was the first president of the us and he was a famous president since he was the first one

Who is the 25 cent quarter president?

George Washington.

Why is the president's face on the quarter?

To commemorate a great man.

What US President is on a quarter dollar?

George Washington

What presidint was on the us quarter?

The first president George Washington has been on the U.S. quarter from 1932 to date.

Which president is pictured on the US quarter and dollar bill?

George Washington, the first president of the US.