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the neck pressure point is a pressure point that HURTS!! there is a gap between your neck and shoulder bone if you press it hard enough it HURTS! and there is one on your neck right below your gland and my favorite that i know, you know your rib cage and how it separates, well between there if you jab it quick, hard, and accurate you stop somebody's airflow for a short amount of time and after those seconds it still hurts!!! the fastest and easiest knockout point is where the back of the head and the neck meat.

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Common pressure points used in acupressure and Martial Arts include the LI4 point on the hand for headaches and stress relief, the GB20 points on the neck for tension relief, and the SP6 point on the leg for relaxation and menstrual cramps. It's important to use proper technique and seek guidance from a trained professional when targeting pressure points.

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Q: What pressure points are used?
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Pressure points are used to control bleeding.

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What are first aid pressure points?

points in your body that hurt when pressed or when pressure is applied.

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