What primitive race of diminutive furry creatures are from Forest Moon of Endor?

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Why are salmon a forest creature?

XD im assuming you have/had a certain biology 20 teacher named dr.pike and in which case, i cant tell you the answer to your ecology unit final :P lol, i also have Pike! and i wrote that exam yesterday!. anyways salmon are a forest creature cuz theyre in the forest food web. like bears eat them, but ( Full Answer )

What does endored mean?

To endure something means that a person lived through it. Itusually refers to a period of time that was challenging.

What does 'endored' mean?

Endored was a manner of preparing birds such as swans and peacockto eat during the Middle Ages. The meat was painted with saffronand melted butter then roasted. It was then placed back inside theoriginal skin with the feathers still attached.

What is furry?

Any thing or animal with an abundance of fur, which may be described as feeling soft and/or furry . "Furry" is also a popular slang term for an anthropomorphic (human-like) animal character. Some famous "furry" characters include Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Why was the US racing Russia to the moon?

It was a matter of national prestige and ideology. However there were several benefits from the 'competition'. Such as in new manufacturing and materials. Overall of far more economic importance than the actual landings.

What is the small furry creature from Star Wars called?

It is called a Womp Rat. Womp rats are native to Tatooine and breed extremely fast. They are about two meters wide. Lego Star Wars II mistakenly identified them as scurriers. (This mistake was later corrected in the Complete Saga). One species of womp rat, the Beggar's Canyon womp rat, used to hunt ( Full Answer )

Diminutive of wolf?

The diminutive of the word wolf would be wolfje. The feminine wouldbe wolvin, and the plural state of the word would be wolven.

Are you a furry?

Yes, I am. People are furries for many reasons. There's a common saying thatif you ask ten furs what furry means you'll get twelve differentanswers. I'm a furry because I love to use anthropomorphism as a creativemetaphor in my art and my music, and furry social events and forumdiscussions are si ( Full Answer )

What is the diminution?

Diminution. n. . The act or process of diminishing; a lessening or reduction. . The resulting reduction; decrease. . Music. Statement of a theme in notes of lesser duration, usually one-half, of the original. . Source: Answers.com

Who won the 1964 race to the moon?

The USA won the race to the moon on July 20, 1969 when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. The Russians began the race when Sputnik was launched on October 4, 1957.. The Apollo 11 had abord 2 men who were Neil Armstrong and some other guy but neil was the first to land and step on the moon.

What was the first living creature to have visited the moon?

The first living creature that we know of to visit the moon was a human, Niel Armstrong. If you wish to be speculative, you could suggest that there COULD have been some bacteria surviving somewhere in the spacecraft, which COULD have entered the vacuum of space before Mr. Armstrong did, but obvious ( Full Answer )

Why are sharks often called primitive creatures?

They are misidentified as primitive because they are cartilaginous and they have been around from the beginning. However, given the highly sophisticated sensory system they have, they are hardly primitive. This is just another myth of evolution that does not apply. Ken, the Shark Wrangler, www.sh ( Full Answer )

What are furries?

You are opening a huge can of worms asking this question. Furries, in general, are people who feel some sort of attachment to an animal/animals. They range from people who just really like animals to people who feel a spiritual connection to them. There are those who like to dress up like a ( Full Answer )

Why did Saul visit the witch of Endor?

In the biblical story, Samuel had died and God was no longer helping Saul. The Philistines were attacking and Saul needed advice. He promised the witch of Endor that he would not persecute her if she helped him contact Samuel on the other side.

How do you get the forest on harvest moon island of happiness?

To unlock the forest, you have to unlock Gannon, who automatically appears on 11 Spring (Or around that date, anyway). Tell him to build the bridge to the meadow, and after the bridge is built and you discover it and meet the harvest sprite there and yada yada yada, you can go back to Gannon's and a ( Full Answer )

What is the diminutive of sow?

there is no true diminutive for sow, hog, etc, as these terms are used for adult animals. i.e. those capable of reproduction. The name for a non-mature pig is piglet, so one could have a sow piglet. btw the diminutive for a fountain pen is inkling. It may well be that is only for humans that we ( Full Answer )

How do New Zealand forest creatures benefit from the Rimu tree?

Rimu, Kahikitea, Miro, Totara and similar all have a multitude of berries, welcome to the birds of the forest. The Rimu berries in particular seem to have an important part to play in the diet of the flightless parrot the Kakapo.

Why was the us racing russia to the the moon?

It really had nothing to do with the moon or exploration at the very heart. At the time the US and the USSR were embroiled in the cold war,with each side trying to prove that their technology and missiles were superior. The result of this "competition" eventually became a race to the moon. So as a d ( Full Answer )

Is diminutive a noun?

no. It is an adjective if it is describing a noun.....an adverb if it is describing a verb.

What type of creature can be found during a full moon?

Werebears and wererats. The idea that werewolves come out during the full moon is a myth, based on the behaviour of other lycanthropes. Actually, werewolves prefer the "new", or dark, moon.

What is a diminutive of an ewe?

The diminutive of an ewe can be referred to as a lamb. This is theyoung one of a sheep since an ewe is a female sheep.

What is diminutive of tiger?

Little tiger. Tiger is not a word that is generally expressed in diminutive or superlative forms.

What was the first earthbound creature to discover the moon?

Paleontologists have discovered 515-million-year-old fossils which show that ancient animals had excellent vision and could even see in the dark. Dr. Greg Edgecombe, a paleontologist at the Natural History Museum, said the eyes most likely belonged to a predator that must have been able to see in ( Full Answer )

Where is the forest creatures in the song of dreams?

1. hallway outside Fabians room 2. cellar 3. laundry room 3. go out the door of the laundry room (in garden) 4. living/dinning room 5. Patrica's room 6. attic 7. go out the front door down 2 rooms (there are 2 of them) 8. from there go to the left room 9. then go 2 rooms right ( Full Answer )

Are there green creatures from the moon?

As far as scientists know, no. And because the gravity on the moon is too small to support an atmosphere, and the temperatures fluctuate too rapidly and extremely it is highly unlikely that life could exist.

What is the name of the furry creature on star wars?

If you mean the huge one that is Han Solo's best friend, that is the Wookiee named Chewbacca. If you mean the little teddy bear-like creatures in Episode 6, those are Ewoks and the one that befriended Princess Leia was Wicket

What is the meaning of diminutive?

n : a word, affix, or name indicating small size and sometimes the state or quality of being familiarly known, lovable, pitiable, or contemptible -- used of affixes (as -ette, -kin, -ling ) and of words formed with them (as kitchenette , manikin , duckling ), of clipped forms (as Ji ( Full Answer )

What is the diminutive of corn?

In general, English does not have diminutive forms of words.Diminutives can be formed from some words using suffixes like -let , -ette , -y ,or -ie (e.g., drop and droplet, kitchen andkitchenette, duck and ducky, frog and froggie) or the prefix mini- (e.g., skirt and miniskirt or bus andminibus ( Full Answer )

How do you be a furry?

A furry is someone who is a fan of anthro animals, or animal withhuman traits ie: Mickey Mouse. The creatures themselves are also considered furry, if this is whatyou meant, IMO sorry you cant turn into a cartoon animal.

Who was the Witch of Endor?

The story of the Witch of Endor also known as the Medium of Endoris found in the First Book of Samuel The story of Saul and theWitch of Endor is below. NOTE: This story is taken from theoriginal 1611 King James Version of the bible and has kept theoriginal spelling, it may be difficult for some to r ( Full Answer )