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High levels of ozone damaged the soybean plants, decreasing the average yield.

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What latin country is the major food producer for the region?

It depends on what you mean by "food", but Brazil is the major producer of crops such as corn/maize, soybean, sugarcane and beans.

What is New Zealand doing for the militarization of the arctic region?

For the arctic region - probably not a lot. It's a long way off. The ANTARCTIC region would probably be of greater interest to NZ.

What are the main cause of deforestation in the Amazon region?

Deforestation in the Amazon is mostly due to cattle farms. The other major contributor is farming and agriculture like soybean production

What are some resources in tidewater region?

Tidewater regions, such as the Virginia and Carolina coasts, are great areas for many resources. The eastern coast tidewater region is recognized for its 3,600 species, largest groundwater aquifers, and abundant corn, peanut and soybean farming.

What is region 1 and region 2?

no rightful order but, north America and south America are probably it.

Is Palestine the capital of Israel?

No. Palestine is the name of another region that is nearby and by some accounts overlapping with Israel.

Appalachian mountains run through Maine what region are the located in?

I believe it is the in the Northeast region ,but if you're talking about landforms it is probably the Appalachian Mountain region.

Can champagne be made with cognac?

Probably not. Champagne in Cognac is a region.

Do spider monkeys help the environment?

Probably in the arid region

Will there be another region in Pokemon?

probably theres going to be a pokemon black and white two so probably

How many email accounts are there in the world?

An estimate by a research organization suggests a number in the region of 1.3 billion users, meaning accounts. Data is valid in 2010 but it will be no surprise to see the number rise in the future.

What region makes up the largest volume of the brain?

The cerebral cortex accounts for over 80% of the total brain mass

The universe probably contains how many galaxies?

Current estimates are in the region of 100 billion. Probably much more

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