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What problems are caused by nitrogen oxides?


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breathing problems / Asthma


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Nitrogen and sulphur oxides are poisonous gases which are released from vehicles and industries. They are poisonous and cause breathing problems and other respiratory problems. Not only this, these gases are most commonly referred air pollutants. Nitrogen oxides are among the few ozone depletors.

Acid rain is the term for damaging preciptation caused by oxides of sulfur and nitrogen.

acid rain is caused by sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides;)

Acid rain is caused by, mainly, sulphur oxides and, to a lesser extent, nitrogen oxides dissolved in the rain.

Acid rain is caused by sulfur and nitrogen oxides.

Reactions for the formation of oxides of nitrogen and nitrates as nitrogen fixing

It is caused by the emission of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere.

Nitrogen Oxides comes from somwere out there maybe from hell or heaven i dunno

Nitrous oxide and nitric oxide (NO) are neutral oxides.

Acid precipitation is caused by chemical reaction of compounds like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released into the air.

Sulfur Oxides, Nitrogen Oxides, and Water Vapor!!!

Many. There Is A varying amount of nitrogen oxides in the car exhausts which are then released into the atmosphere and damages it.

nitrogen oxides: NOx nitrogen monoxide: NO nitrogen dioxide: NO2

The oxides of nitrogen dissolve in rain water to form nitrous and and nitric acid which cause acid rain.

you don't. you get nitrogen oxides. lightning causes oxygen and nitrogen to combine and form nitrogen oxide.

At extremely high temperatures the nitrogen and oxygen found naturally in our air will react to form nitrogen oxides. The combustion of hydrocarbons produces said high temperatures which result in nitrogen oxides being formed.

Sulfur oxides from the combustion of sulfur containing fuels for atmospheric sulfurous and sulfuric acid. Nitrogen oxides form nitrous and nitric acids.

During combustion, atmospheric nitrogen is oxidised.

Nitrogen forms gaseous oxides. NO,NO2,N2O,N2O3 are few examples.

i don't know myself but it can effect your health

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