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Both Texas Presidents had a major public debt to deal with and the Native Americans remained at war with the Texians at every opportunity.

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Q: What problems did Sam Houston and Lamar face as President of Texas?
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Did Mirabeau B Lamar ever live in Houston Texas?

Yes, when he first became the President of the Republic of Texas.

Who was elected the first president of the Republic of Texas in 1836?

Mirabeau B. Lamar

What problems did Mirabeau Lamar face while being president for Texas?


What three things did Sam Houston do?

He was a president for the republic of texas he was a hero at the battle of san Jacinto Mirabeau Lamar was bettter

Who was the third president of Texas?

Texas' last President left office in February 1946 after the nation was granted US statehood.The Governors of Texas in 1863 were...Francis Lubbock (November 1861 - November 1863) &Pendleton Murrah (November 1863 - June 1865)

Who was president of the Texas Republic?

David G, Burnet (interim during the revolution), Sam Houston, Mirabeau B. Lamar, Sam Houston (2nd term) and Anson Jones.

Where did president lamar of the republic of Texas want the capital of Texas to be?


What good contribution did president Lamar make to Texas?

Mirabeau Lamar, president of the Republic of Texas, set aside large amounts of land for educational purposes.

Debt in Texas history?

After the many wars that Texas fought to gain their independence from Mexico they had alot of dept. Sam Houston was the first president of the Republic of Texas. He helped Texas get out of some of the dept but not all of it. Since each president could only have 2 years per term Sam Houston could not be elected again. The second president of Texas was M. B. Lamar, he however put Texas in more dept than what is was after Sam Houston's first term. After M. B. Lamar's 2 year term Sam Houston became the president of the Republic of Texas. Again Sam Houston helped Texas out of dept but not completely. The 4th term president of the Republic of Texas was Anson Jones. Jones was not president long before Texas became the 28th state of the Unites States. The United States helped Texas out of dept. When Texas wanted to be annexed be the United States some Americans refused because they didn't want to pay the dept that Texas was in. At some point Texas was annexed by the United States, and then became dept free.

What were some of Mirabeau B Lamar accomplishments?

vice president of the repulic of Texas, and president of the repulic of texas

List the four presidents of the Republic of Texas in the order in which they served.?

David G. Burnet: March 1836 - October 1836Sam Houston: October 1836 - December 1838Mirabeau B. Lamar: December 1838 - December 1841Sam Houston: December 1841 - December 1844Anson Jones: December 1844 - February 1846

How did Republic of Texas Presidents Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar differ in their policies toward American Indians?

Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar favored forced removal or absolute extinction of the Native Americans in Texas. Houston favored assimilation.