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Q: What problems do you see with using the chain ratio method for predicting demand?
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What is chain based method of analysis in statistics?

Chain Base MethodIn this method, there is no fixed base period. The year immediately preceding the one for which price index have to be calculated is assumed as the base year. Thus, for the year1994 the base year would be 1993, for 1993 it would be 1992 for 1992 it would be 1991 and so on. In his way there is no fixed base. It goes on changing. The chief advantage of this method is that the price relatives of a year can be compared with the price level of the immediately preceding year. Businessmen mostly interested in comparison of this type rather than in comparison relating to distant past. Yet another advantage of the chain base method is that it is possible to include new items in an index number or to delete old times which are no more important. In fixed base method it is not possible. But chain base method has drawback that comparison cannot be made over a long period.In Chain Base,Link relative of current yearsor

What are the four advantages of plane table survey over chain and compass survey?

1.useful in areas which are difficult to be accesed while chain survey is limited 2.less subjective to errors,in comparison to chain survey which subjected with errors such as change in chain length 3.useful in surveying a large area since it uses transverse(taking bearing from observer to an object ana vice versa is true) is accurate method for mapping,compare to chain survey

Does maximizing the scalar multiplication in matrix chain multiplication exhibit optimal substructure?

I think so. Copy and paste method could be used to prove this. But this is only my opinion.

How is integration through substitution related to the Chain Rule?

i love wikipedia!According to wiki: In calculus, integration by substitution is a method for finding antiderivatives and integrals. Using the fundamental theorem of calculus often requires finding an antiderivative. For this and other reasons, integration by substitution is an important tool for mathematicians. It is the counterpart to the chain rule of differentiation.

Why is twenty two yards called a chain?

In 1620, the clergyman Edmund Gunter developed a method of surveying land accurately with low technology equipment, using what became known as Gunter's chain. This was 66 feet (22 yards) long and from the practice of using his chain, the word transferred to the actual measured unit. His chain had 100 links, and the link is used as a subdivision of the chain as a unit of length. A rectangle of land one furlong in length and one chain in width has an area of one acre. It is sometimes suggested that this was a medieval parcel of land capable of being worked by one man and supporting one family, but there is no documentary support for this assertion, and it would in any case have predated Gunter's work.

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What is the biggest auto parts chain in Detroit, MI?

now the auto parts chain supply in detroit is of mere problems. No supplier is facing good demand

What is straight chain method?

Straight chain method is you may find your answer right away, On the otherhand the Cyclic chain method is you will do the process again until you find the right answer

What is straight chain scientific method?

Straight chain method is you may find your answer right away, On the otherhand the Cyclic chain method is you will do the process again until you find the right answer

Dideoxyribonucleotide chain-termination is a method of?

Sequencing DNA (Sanger Sequencing Method).

What is demand analysis forecasting?

I'll give you the gist of Demand Analysis Forecasting: Demand analysis forecasting is the process estimation of quantity of a product or service that will be demanded by the customer in the future. Demand forecasting is carried out using both, informal methods, like educated guesses or quantitative methods that involve the use of historical data or existing data from the test markets. Demand forecasting helps in the formulation of pricing strategies, estimation of future product capacity and making crucial decisions relating to the entry or exit from new markets. Methods of Demand forecasting: Qualitative Methods: 1. Jury of expert opinion method 2. Delphi Method: *Developed by RAND Corp *Individuals are asked to answer questionnaires in a total of 2 to 3 rounds *The persons involved often maintain anonymity even after the test has been completed. Quantitative Methods: 1. Time series projection methods: *Trend projection method *Exponential smoothing method *Moving average method Casual methods: 1. Chain ratio method 2. Consumption level method 3 End use method 4.Leading indicator method

What is Implied demand uncertainty?

Implied demand uncertainty is resulting uncertainty for only the portion of the demand that the supply chain plans to satisfy and the attributes to the customer desires.

What is chain pump system of irrigation?

`Chain pump system of irrigation is a traditional method of irrigation.

Which technique of differentiation does the substitution method attempt to undo?

The substitution method undoes the chain rule.

What we called suppliers distributors and customers partner with each other to improve the performance of entire system they are participating in a and demand chain 3.demand chain?

value delivery network

What is the endless chain prospecting method?

The endless chain prospecting method is where the sales representative, at the end of a call, asks the buyer for names of other buyers who might be interested in the product

What is the form of straight chain method give an example?


Which is a method of making copied of DNA?

polymerase chain reaction