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Acid rain causes erosion on buildings, making them weaker. It also pollutes rivers, lakes e.t.c. it causes damage to the photosynthesis in plants.

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Q: What problems does acid rain cause?
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What problems does acid rain cause to people?

Acid rain is caused by sulphur dioxide being released into the atmosphere. acid rain can cause corroson of buildings and statues.

What is poisoning by acid rain?

Acid rain causes pH problems and can dissolve heavy metals. These may cause poisoning..

What environmental problems can acid rain cause?

Acid rain can cause harm to aquatic and land creatures, plants to overgrow, and prevent animals from having babies.

Where in the world does acid rain cause the most problems?

california and mostly in australia

Where in the US does acid rain cause the most problems?

acid rain comes from most of the large chemical faceries spread all across the u.s.

What problems are cause by acid rain?

acid rain cause decoloration of sky scrappers, statues, monuments etc. It corrodes bridges, disturb the pH balance in soil, increase acdity of water.

Does Germany have acid rain?

Yes Germany does have problems with acid rain.

How does mining cause acid rain?

Mining itself does not cause acid rain. However, sometimes what is mined (eg Coal) can be used as a fuel which will cause acid rain.

What problems do acid rain form?

it causes soil erosion and plants to die cause its acidic

Why does acid rain produced in the UK cause problems in other countries such as Swenen and Norway?

your m0m

The cause of smog and acid rain?

the burning of fossil fuels can cause smog and acid rain

Does acid rain cause erosion?

There are several things that cause erosion, and acid rain is one of them.

Can acid rain cause a storm?

No. Acid rain is polluted rainfall.

What are the disadvantages of acid rain?

disadvantages of acid rain: 1. can cause health problems 2. can kill nature 3. can kill animals and their habitats 4. its bad for their environment

Why is acid rain bad?

Acid rain is bad because it causes serious health problems like birth defects and lung diseases. it can also cause cancer. acid rain also destroys monuments and kills fish. many forests are destroyed by acid rain. acid rain pollutes rivers and streams and erodes stonework.

Do we cause acid rain?

Yes we do cause acid rain,we do by littering and doing bad stuff to the environment

How rainfall causes problem?

Large amounts of rainfall can cause problems because of flooding of forests and cities. Acid rain falling cause global warming problems.

What countries cause acid rain?

All countries cause acid rain. The more fossil fuels they use and the more industries they have, the more acid rain they create.

How do batteries cause acid rain?

There is no relation between batteries and acid rain

Can methane cause acid rain?

No methane can not cause acid rain; it has a pKa of ~56 (a weak acid). Sulphates and Nitrates are the main culprits of acid rain. Sources: student of Earth Sciences

What is the biggest cause of weathering?

Acid rain is the biggest cause. Acid rain forms when pollutants from factory smoke stacks mixes with rain clouds then the chemicals and the rain combine and acid rain is formed. Hope this helps :)

Are there any health problems associated with acid rain?

Acid rain in large amounts can produce health issues, however a average acid rain fall does not contain enough acid to really cause any damage or health issues. In order to have enough acid in the rain to cause noticeable health issues, there must be at the least a foot of rain on the ground. Now even if that much rain is common where you live, acid rain is very rare. Even when it is acid rain there is no real way to tell the difference between the two, unless you have all the proper scientific equipment to test it right then and there.

Describe some of the problems caused by acid rain?

Acid rain causes soil erosion and it makes plants die due to the acid in the rain.

How big is the problem of acid rain in New Zealand?

because nz is a pie, we dont have acid rain, cause pies are vicious to acid rain and they kill acid rain.

What chemical is cause by acid rain?

Acid rain is caused by sulfur and nitrogen oxides.