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Your AC would tend to lose some of its cooling capacity as it would not have significant air changes on the portion of the house where the return is closed. It would also reduce the amount of air available across the indoor coil.

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Q: What problems would you expect by closing off one of two return air vents?
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What are the air vents next to the ac vents in bedrooms and hallway?

Return air vents.........

Which vents are for cold air return wall or floor?

Cold air return vents are the ones on the wall

Can return air vents be put in the floor instead of the wall of a house?

Yes vents can be in the floor instead of the wall.

Where would you expect to find chemosynthetic organisms?

Deep-sea thermal vents also called Hydrothermal vents or black smokers

How many steam vents are left in the world?

Geothermal vents are constantly forming and closing as magma moves towards the Earths surface and cools as a result of Geological processes.

Where in a room should vents be placed for central air conditioning?

In my opinion where the supply vents are located is not as important as where the return air vents are located. the supply vents should be located towards the outer walls if possible. the return air vents should be located towards the center of the dwelling if possible. every effort should be made to get the return air vents as high as possible on the wall , if not in the ceiling.Remember you are trying to get the warm air back to the a-coil so it can be pumped outside through the refrigeration lines to the condensing unit. if the ductwork is used for heating also you should put some return air vents down low to get the cool air to the furnace. This is my personal opinion and may not be everyones.

Are return vents needed in each room?

No. Doors will suffice.

We have two return vents in each room.One close to the ceiling and the other near the we need to close the floor vents winter or summer?

Cose the high vents in the winter and low in the summer..

Does shutting the air vents to some rooms make more air come out of the open vents?

Yes. If you want to know the specific airflow rate you can try to find the manufacturer and model of the fan on your HVAC unit. By closing off some air vents you are putting more strain on the fan (effectively increasing the static pressure it has to overcome). This will lower the total flowrate for your system, and require slightly more power to run, but not by much if you're only closing a small percentage of the total vents.

Always blowing hot air through the vents?

Doors in the kick panels or heater box are not closing to redirect the air.

Does closing heat vents help warm rest house?

thomas hunt said that yes if does keep all of the heat in

Do you open or close vents in the summer?

leave it open all year closing it during the day open at night for ac

What kingdom of organisms would you expect to find in the hot springs or thermal ocean vents?

the protists group

What do you do about not enough return vents in a house?

You will need to cut into the brickwork and install them to comply with local building regulations.

What are some typical ac problems with 2003 Lincoln navigator?

My ac blows fine through the overhead, floor and side vents but intermittentely throught the front vents. What might be the cause?

Where is the vacuum hose on a 93 Tempo?

There is more than one vacuum hose. Which one? The one that controls the opening and closing of the vents for cold air distribution

What causes the luminescence in the cooler yellow flame?

The luminescence in the cooler yellow flame is caused by closing the air vents of a Bunsen burner. This is the result of incomplete combustion.

How many square feet apart should you place vents?

Air vents are placed based on the required cfm load calculation per room not necessarily set at specific square feet apart. But you need to make sure that supply and return air are not close to each other. Supply air vents should be placed close to outside walls and return air close to interior central walls.

What are the vents for above the doors in a manufactured home?

Air flow. They help to keep air moving to your return air grill.

What should the temperature of air from the AC vents be?

normally 15to 20 degree split between return air and discharge..

Can you save fuel by closing off part of your house?

Yes! Close off the vents and close the door, then you will not waste the energy of heating and cooling the closed off area.

Why do you have two return vents on the wall?

for air can come in and out this may sound crazy but iam in the are you smarter than a 5th grader show -.-

Do the return vents attached to furnace need to be closed when air conditioning is running?

Not really, there's not much airflow when the furnace is not running.

Why does the alarm on fiesta 1.4 tdci 2003 keeps coming on every 8 hours?

Try closing the air vents or set them to recirculate before switching off the engine.

How do you ventillate an attic?

With either gable vents, soffit vents or ridge vents. The more the better