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Q: What process is used to turn a liquid into a solid?
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What process is used to turn liquid oils into more highly saturated solid fats?

This process is hydrogenation.

What is the process used to turn liquid oils into more highly saturated solid fats?

Hydrogenation .

Which process is used in the separation of solid and liquid mixture?


What is the Process used to separate a liquid from a heavy solid?

i dont know dont ask me

What is nitrogen used for for kids?

nitrogen is used for experiments like: trying to turn a liquid into a solid nitrogen can do that for you

What is used to separate insoluble solids from the liquid in a solid liquid mixturte?

The most used method is the filtration; also can be used separation after decantation, centrifugation.

What is sublimation used for?

sublimation is a process in which a solid is directly converted to its vapour phase without facing liquid phase.

What is it when solid chsnges into a liquid?

There are several names for when a solid changes to a liquid. Usually, melting of a solid occurs when heat is used near the solid and it changes it to a liquid.

Is iodine that is used in medicine a solid or liquid?


What is a solidified liquid?

solidification is the process of transformation form a liquid phase to a solid phase. i requires heat removal from the system. metals have a melting point (well defined temperature) above which liquid is stable and below that solid is stable. solidification is a very important process as it is most widely used for shaping of materials to desired product.

When water changes from a solid to a liquid energy is?

Energy is used when water changes from a solid to a liquid.

What is the name for the process of the separation of 2 liquids?

You can use a sieve if the solid is in the form of large particles. Otherwise filter paper can work nicely. In addition distillation could be used, where the liquid is evaporated and then condensed in another container, thus leaving the solid behind. If the solid is magnetic then a magnet could be used to pull the solid out from the liquid. Some procedures are: - filtering - decantation - crystallization - centrifugation - freeze-drying - evaporation (distillation) and condensation - fluid-bed drying - spray drying