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article 5

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Q: What process of amending the Constitution is discussed which article?
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The process of amending the constitution is discussed which article of confederation?

Article V of the Constitution spells out the processes by which amendments can be proposed and ratified.

What process does Article V of the Constitution describe?

Amending the Constitution

What article of constitution outlines the process of amending the constitution?

Amendment 5. Cheers!

Article V?

The process for amending the Constitution is described. The states are responsible for ratifying amendments.

What kind of article is ratification process judicial branch states and territories legislative branch amending the constitution supremacy clause executive branch?

Article 3 A+

What does it mean that the writers of the Constitution provided a process for amending?

The constitution can be changed.

What is the process called to ratify or improve the Constitution?


Ratification process judicial branch STATES AND TERRITORIES legislative branch amending the constitution supremacy clause executive branch. what article that matches the words in capital letters?

Article 3 A+

What is the main idea of article 5?

The main idea of Article 5 is about the process and requirements for amending the United States Constitution. It outlines how amendments can be proposed and ratified either by Congress or through a Constitutional Convention, emphasizing the difficulty of changing the Constitution to ensure that it reflects the will of the people.

What process does the constitution requires three fourths majority?

I believe it is the process of changing something that has already been previously established. The founders concluded that if something has already been considered, voted on and passed by the body, then it should be a little harder to undo it; otherwise matters settled by narrow margins could conceivably shift along with small changes to the roll of legislators, or with some otherwise minor development seized upon by an overzealous minority. An example is the process of amending the Constitution. Three fourths of the states must approve an amendment before it becomes law. No other legislative vote is needed, and no veto from any branch of government can stop it. But getting three fourths of the states to agree to something is not easy.

What is the first step in the process of amending the Constitution of North Carolina?

The General Assembly proposes an act to amend the Constitution

What is formal role of the judicial branch in amending the constitution (apex)?

It has no formal role in the process.