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Core Processor

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Q: What processor is used by most high-performance PCs?
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What processor is used by most high performance PCs?

Core Processor

What is a processor used by high-performance PCs?

It's a core processor

Is Intel the most powerful processor for notebooks?

Currently the Intel i5 processor is the most famous processor being used in PCs and notebooks. You should look for a laptop with this processor, which will speed up everything you do.

What processor is used by many notebook computers and tablet PCs?

ARM processor

Most high-performance PCs use some type of processor in the Intel family?


Is the IMac's CPU good?

It uses an Intel Quad Core i5 or i7 processor. This is an excellent CPU also used on Windows PCs.

The AMD Athlon processor chip is typically found in?

IBM based PCs

What is the faster processor available on desktop PCs?

Intel Core 2 Duo or a QuadCore processor are typically the best way to go with a PC.

What are presently using processors in PCs and laptops?

now a days they use i7 processor

What is a storage controller used for?

Storage controllers are found on any PC-type motherboarded computer as part of a processor core chip. They are also controllers for hard disks, CD-ROMs and other zip-based drivers found on most PCs.

Which expansion slot is now most commonly used on new motherboards?


What is the most popular PC for business?

There are a large variety of different PCs that are used for business. However, the most popular PCs include the Mac desktop, Dell desktop, and HP desktop.