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Q: What produce had the first UPC bar code stamped on it?
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What product had the first upc bar code stamped on it?

Juicy fruit Bubblegum by Wrigley'sR was the first to have a UPC bar code.

What prduct had the first upc bar code stamped on it?

A packet of gum.

What is a family code?

The Family Code is on the UPC code. It is the first 3 numbers in the second group of numbers.Here is an example:If the UPC code is 8 58903 00456 3004 is the Family Code.

What was the first product that had the UPC code?

Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Gum

What does UPC stand for?

UPC stands for "Universal Product Code"

What is the difference between upc code and bar code?

UPC, or universal product code, is just one type of bar code.

What is the UPC code for 20oz Barq's root beer?

The UPC code for 20oz Barq's Root Beer is 049000023923.

What is upc?

Uniform Plumbing Code

What is Abbreviation for bar code?


How do stores use code bar readers and UPC code readers for inventory purposes?

UPC is an universal product code and just about every item you buy comes with one. Every code for every item is different. It is put into the system by a UPC coordinator and when a UPC reader scans the code it can then keep track of inventory.

What is the UPC from the 'Thriller' CD by Michael Jackson?

The UPC code is not a standard code for all Thriller by Michael Jackson CD's. Therefore the code is different for each copy of the CD. For example if you were to purchase the Thriller CD right now from Amazon the UPC code is 074646607329, but if you were to purchase from the site Music K8 the UPC code is 4294967295.

Do the first set of digits in a UPC code represent the country of origin?

The first 5 digits is the manufacturer code. Each Manufacturer has a unique identifier in order to simplify upc codes. For example all Publix products start with "41415"

How do you decode bar code?

look-up UPC code

What is the first product to have a UPC code on its package?

Wrigley's Juicy Fruit gum....I work for the company!

What is meant by UPC code lookup?

UPC is an acronym for Universal Product Code. Every individual product has it's own unique code for tracking items sold from retailers and stores. You can perform a UPC code lookup to find out information such as where the product is.

If a product changes net weight does the UPC code change?

you have to stay within 20 % change to keep the same UPC Code.

Froot loops upc code?


What is UPC in retail?

Universal Packaging Code

What is the upc code for Pokemon FireRed?


What is the upc code for Bose oe?


What UPC country code does Israel have?


How do you get the Fadeshear sword in Dragon Age 2?

Register your game at with your UPC code. UPC Code is the thing with alot of lines and number underneath

What is the color of the item with UPC Code 72597862940?


A upc code for harumika?

here is one 06483412

Does each individual item have its own UPC code?

Each UPC (Universal Product Code) is assigned to one product, but not to every single unit of that product.