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Co2 and H2O

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When butane burns in an escess of oxygen what are the principal products?

carbon dioxide and water.

What are products of combustion when an alcohol burns?

If there is an excess of oxygen, the products are carbon dioxide and water.

What are the products formed when polythene burns in absence of oxygen?


What is the lowest temperature that butane burns?

butane is a liquid. It is burning in its boiling pint.

What are the products formed when ethane burns in the air?

Water and Carbon Dioxide.

What does the butane do in a lighter?

It is the fuel that burns to produce the flame.

What are the two products when paraffin burns in plenty of air?

When paraffin burns in plenty of air, carbon dioxide and water vapor are formed

What two products are formed when a candle burns?

Heat and light.... and some carbon-soot.

What products are formed when ethene burns?

Combustion of ethene produces carbon dioxide and water.

What is the name and chemical formula of two compounds formed when ethene burns in oxygen?

Ethene plus oxygen (in excess) burns to give: Carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O)

What products are formed when cyclohexene burns?

water and carbon dioxinde, it reacts with the oxygen in the air when burnt

What are the two main products formed when oil burns?

CO2, watervapour and energy.Hope this helps!

How hot can the flame of a butane lighter get?

Fire One butane lighter reports: "Burns with clean hot flame at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit"

When a hydrocarbon burns with oxygen what two products are always formed?

Carbon Dioxide CO2 and Water H2O.

Why do building contractors prefer to use propane rather than butane gas on building sites?

Propane freezes at a lower temprature than butane. Propane also burns hotter than butane.

Butane burns in oxygen to produce magnesium nitrate an water?

no thats completely stupid. butane reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water

What are the products formed when baggage burns in absence of oxygen?

Burning (oxydation, reaction with oxygen) is possible only when oxygen exist.

What are the products of combustion when methanol burns?

Methanol + oxygen --> carbon dioxide + water.Carbon dioxide and water are the usual products, but carbon and/or carbon monoxide may be formed if the supply of oxygen is restricted.

When 9.00 g c6h12o6 burns with excess oxygen how many grams of CO2 will be made?

When 9.00 g c6h12o6 burns with excess oxygen 13.2 grams of CO2 will be made.

Butane burns as shown in the balanced equation 2C4H10 plus 13O2 equals 10H2O plus 8CO2 If 6 mol of butane is burned how many mol of carbon dioxide is produced?


Oxygen will react with the metal copper It will also react with the nonmetallic compound butane Which of there reactions is a combustion reaction?

the reaction with butane is a combustion reaction producing CO2 and H2O as the products 2C4H10 + 13O2 = 8CO2 +10H2O However as copper burns in oxygen gas to form the oxide some people might say that that "combusted" - but of course no CO2 is produced.

What is formed when hydrogen burns?


When a candle burns what compounds are formed?

Paraffin is a compound made when a candle burns

What compound is formed when hydrogen is burnt?

When hydrogen burns, water is formed.

What are the products when wood burns?


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